Edwin {special}

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"Mm, Edwin." Y/n moaned.Edwin popped his head up and looked at her."Rig-right there." She jerked in her sleep.Edwin removed the blanket and check to see if she was pleasuring herself. She wasn't. The only thing running through his mind was a wet dream.He turned off his phone and climbed in between her. Sliding her underwear off slowly. He slowly flicked his tongue around her."Ah~ Edwin!" She moaned loudly. She slowly began to wake up to the pleasure.Edwin gave pure bliss to her and didn't care who was watching.Her eye shot open as She saw him curly white locks. When he stock his face deeper into her she rode it."God! Fuck!!! Shit!!! Edwin!!!!" She screamed.Nick banged on the wall and told them to be quiet but she couldn't help and Edwin wasn't going to key her go that easy."Edwin I'm cumming..." she said as she rode towards her high."Edwin I'm -Uh...." she came all over his face."Damn are you trying to kill me?!" Edwin asked wiping his face."Sorry. I warned you though!" She laughed."You know my hearing type bad. You gotta talk louder." Edwin smirked.He got up and hovered over her."I think it's my kings turn." She says gripping his dick from his shorts."Yes... are you swallowing?" He asked."Anything for you..." she smiled

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