Teacher austin porter

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Oh shit...

You're walking into class and you're the first one there. While your taking out your books Mr.Porter walks into the room.  "Here mighty early Y/n." He starts. "May I ask why." He finished.  "Yeah, I Uh just really need to finish these last few sentences for the 14 page essay you assigned 5 days ago. So I can turn it in on time." You responded.  "Um, okay. Well I'm glad you're here. Maybe you could help me with something." He said with a side smirk.  "And what might that be?" You asked.  "Well I need you to stand up and walk to my front, for starters." He said.  You get up and walk irritably slow towards him.  "Now, turn around and walk back." He says.  "Mr.Porter, you checking me out?" You asked.  "What, pffft. Of course not. Why would I do that?" He says shaking it off.  Know damn well he was staring. Stop playing Mr.Porter. You decide to give him a show. You walk back over to him and stood beside him. You ran your fingers past his golden locks.  He chuckled. "Ohhh y/n. No no no, you're not ready for the storm. Don't start something you can't finish."  You smile.  "Class doesn't start until 30 minutes. I couldn't even catch you at breakfast at this time. What's the real reason you're here?" He asked her.  She smirks. "Just trying to change my ways. It is 2018 for Gods Sake."  "Mhm, you actually going to try in my class?" He asked her.  "I wouldn't mind, only if I got what I wanted but me and you both know you'd never." She smirks walking back to her seat.  Austin walks over to her desk and hovers over it.  "Meet me after school by the watchers lot. I can skip a meeting. Make up a lie and say my brothers in ICU. We'll talk from there." He told you.  You weren't amused. You wanted him ASAP.  "Why not now?" You asked.  "Are you crazy? You freaky little thing. I would rip you open." He said.  People began pour into the classroom. So you sat down and enjoyed the view of him and his package.  - BELL-  Everyone leaves and you stay behind.  "Get to your next course Miss. y/l/n." He said not looking up from his papers.  "Let's make a deal." He looks up at you. "Meet me during lunch in this same spot. I'll skip my last two courses to come over your house. How's that?" You asked but really told him.  "No, after school. This way you're not missing any classes." He told you.  You laugh. "You really think I give a fuck about these classes. I only come to school for you and your hmm class."  "Alright Just meet me here during lunch." He told you as you turned around.  Making sure to sway your hips a little, you walked out and turned to wink at him. You were walking to the bathroom as your Bestfriend Claye came running over.  "Bro, wyf?" He asked.  (Wyf means who you fucking)  "Hmm I have no clue what you mean." You smirk.  "Girl don't act dumb. You aren't stupid. Answer the question." He said.  "What makes you think that I'm fucking anyone?" You asked.  "Cause I'm your Bestfriend and you should tell me." He answered quiet vaguely.  "But why does it matter who I open my legs up to?" You asked.  "Really, you hoe." He said walking into the bathroom with you.  "Get the fuck out!" You shouted.  "GeT tHe FuCk OuT!" He mocked.  "Better hope you don't get caught." You said.  A girl walks into the bathroom and screams.  "You know she's about to go snitch right?" You said.  "Love you later." He said running out the bathroom.  You laughed to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror.  "Dayum I'm fine. Ohh girl. Yes work." You said to yourself in the bathroom.  You fixed your straight locks and walked out the bathroom.  "Yo, wassup ma?" A dude said looking down at my pussy.  "My face." You told him taking a finger and pulling it up to look at my face.  "Keep your fingers off of me." He told.  "And keep your eyes off of me." You winked at him and walked toward the lunch room.  "Bitch." He mumbles.  "Low life." You said back.  -  You left the lunch room and went to Mr.Porter's class. As you walk in you see your assistant principal Mr.Frenswá. (Fran-swaá).  "Hello young lady. Where are you supposed to be." He said.  "In here." You told.  "Um I'm pretty sure you have B lunch Miss. y/l/n." He said.  "No he's helping finish my paper. I needed help with something and he's the only teacher that understands it." You lied.  The principal walks by you and walks out the door. You close and lock it, putting a chair on the knob.  "Come here." He said.  You ran over to him and smashed your faces together. In the process of taking the shirts off.  "I literally been waiting for this moment forever." You told him.  "Fuck, you're so hot." He tells you.  You swipe everything off his desk and laid on it. Austin comes between your legs and bends over. You can see how hard and horny he is just by looking at him. He's pretty big.  He pulls his pants down and lifts your skirt up. Stroking himself a couple of times. He stick it in and he goes slow at first. You were not used to his size. As soon as he stuck the tip in you were going crazy.  He began to speed up as you were moaning and screaming. He went faster and you were rubbing you clit in fast circles. Your pussy was dripping and you wanted to squirt so bad.  "Fuck I'm close." You panted out.  "Hold it." He said.  "Huh?" You was caught off guard.  "Hold it!" He repeated.   You did as told and held it. Even though it made everything feel 10x better, you wanted to release everything in you.  "I can't hold it no more!" You moaned.  He starts grunting and gasping.  "Damn, your so tight." He said.  His thrust became faster and sloppier.  He pulls out and you squirt, Everywhere. He strokes himself fast and releases on your stomach.  "Round two after school?" You asked.  "Hell yeah." He said kissing you.  "Mmmm your place." You got up and fixed yourself.  You wiped the cum off your stomach and walked out the classroom. Tonight should be fun😉

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