'ғʀᴇᴇ ʙᴜʀɢᴇʀs'

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daphne woke up with sun spilling on her face. she instantly grabbed her phone, texting jughead. fp jones was finally being released today and she wanted to see him, she never got the chance to while he was in prison.

daphKNEE; im coming w you to pick up your dad btw

she rolled out of bed and into her bathroom where she quickly showered. after showering, she put on light make up and got dressed. she wore a white turtle neck tucked into tight fitting black jeans that hugged every curve. she threw her hair into a bun, some curls escaping and framing her face. her phone chimed and she jumped to it,

judgyhead; betty's already coming, its fine

daphKNEE; im coming to see my favourite not to support you

daphne tip toed down the hall and down the stairs to see her father, still passed out on the couch. today was definetly looking good as she started the day on a happy note. she didn't catch a ride with jughead and betty but simply walked to the prison. she saw them and greeted them with a smile,

'hey jug, hey betty,' she said, grinning at the couple. they returned her hello and went back to waiting patiently for the older jones. daphne stayed back a bit, wanting to give him a bit of a surprise. she turned round to see alice cooper leaning against her car- she obviously had given the two a ride. she couldnt be there for any other reason, daphne thought. she stood the other side of the car after greeting alice who always had a shy liking towards daphne. they waited for a moment, daphne picking at her fingernails when she heard the metal gates being swung open,

fp sighed and chuckled as he embraced jughead in a hug, it seemed like a release or relief for him. he turned to face betty,

'hey betty,' he smiled at the girl who returned the same crooked smile,

'hey mr jones,' she was always polite. daphne couldnt hold in her excitement any longer, she ran round from the side of the car screaming out,

'uncle fp!' he looked taken aback and took a moment for him to process the situation. he ahdnt really seen her since a year after her mother died,

'daphne!' he replied, bringing her into a tight embrace, 'god, youre so... i want to say grown but i think youre the same height' he chuckled and stepped back from the girl, allowing her to breathe after being crushed by his strong embrace. the four smiled between each other before fp spotted alice cooper,

'alice?' he asked, stepping forward to the car,

'is it true what they say about men who have just been released from prison, fp?' alice asked, a smirk on her face as her arms stayed crossed against her chest. fp looked at her puzzled,

'what do they say?' he asked, matching her smirk 

'that they're incredibly sexually frustrated' alice said casually. all three teenagers shared the same look of disgust on their face, horrified at what the woman had just said. betty and jughead even more so, considering it was their parents basically flirting.

'mom!' betty said, red rushing to her cheeks

'wow' jughead said at the same time, pulling betty towards to back seats of the car. daphne stood for awhile, smiling at the four who looked like an almost perfect family. fp soon snapped her out of her thoughts,

'you riding along, darling?' fp had rolled down the window and they were all waiting for her to squeeze into the car. she nodded, tears in her eyes as she wished she could have a somewhat stable family like them. daphne then stopped, she did have a stable family- the serpents. they were her family. she hopped in the car next to jughead who had his arm round betty, daphne fake gagged at them,

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