Chapter 22

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His Sex Kitten

It was late when they got back home to Las Vegas, both tired from the drive they went right to sleep. He would wait until morning to call Roy and let him know they were home. But he was dying to know what all took place while they were gone, he hoped it was all over with and the bastards were caught.

He was awakened early by the ringing of his phone. Checking to make sure she was still asleep he gets out of bed and answering his phone he steps into the other room. It was Roy who said he'd be over to talk to him within the hour. He went and started the coffee before going to put some clothes on. After all, he couldn't greet his brother in law stark naked.

She woke up just as he walked into the bedroom and when she saw him picking up his pants she stopped him. "Come to bed," she said in a deep sexy tone.

"Roy's on his way over so I have to get dressed."

Tossing the covers off and letting him see her nakedness she pouted. "He's not here yet."

Dropping his pants he goes over and climbs on top of her. "Damn, you are so irresistible. I suppose we have time as long as we make it a quick one."

Just as things were getting hot and heavy they heard a loud knocking at the door. "Shit," he cursed and jumped off her and grabbed his pants, putting them on. "He's early," he said as he grabbed his shirt and headed out, turning back to look at her. "Sorry babe, this will have to wait until later. Get dressed and come join us."

"Shitty timing he has," she said, still feeling the heat between her legs.

Kyle was buttoning up his shirt when he opened the door to Roy.

"Looks like I'm interrupting you once again," he said, smiling when he saw Kyle doing his shirt up and how flush his face was. "Is Kiera awake? I should talk to both of you."

"Yeah, she's getting dressed and will be out in a minute. I made coffee, do you want one?"

"Yes," he answered and followed Kyle into the kitchen. He sat down and took the mug from him when he handed it to him, just then she walked in. He gave her a big smile and said good morning and watched when she kissed Kyle before getting herself a cup.

Kyle sat with his arm over her shoulder. "So did you search the house and talk to Charlie?"

"By the time we got there the house was empty, everyone was gone, no trace of them. We didn't find anything in the basement, no cages, nothing to show that women were being kept prisoners there."

"But your guys saw the same two men who brought Kiera here going in and out of that house with some women," Kyle said, getting upset.

"You had to have found the room with the cages."

"We looked and didn't find anything."

Kyle stood up, running his hand over the back of his head. "This is crazy, what about Charlie, what did he have to say when you questioned him?"

"That's just it, he disappeared along with the other men and the women. We're still looking for them but in the meantime, I have an idea." He looks at her. "I'd like for you to come with me to the house, maybe you will remember something else. If we can find that room then we might get some clues to where they went and if they have the girls with them."

"No fucking way. She's still in danger as long as those pricks are loose and I'm not going to put her in any more danger. How could they leave that house without your men seeing them?"

Roy lowered his head in sadness. "Two of my men were watching the house, both were found with their throats slit. I have to find the people responsible and if that means Kiera has to go back to the house of horrors then so be it. I'll be with her along with my crew."

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