“But mom…,” Aidan started.

            “Don’t but mom me. You’re about to see just how difficult this is gonna be,” she said as her smile dropped a little bit

            “We can handle it,” I said as I smiled down at Mary.

            “Have you been to the doctor,” she asked me.

            “Twice,” I said. “We got a bunch of stuff yesterday and we started reading some books.”

            “Good. Well I’m here to help you. I just went through this about a year ago and I’ve done it four different times,” she said as she took my hand.

            “Thank you,” I told her sincerely.

            “You’re welcome baby. Have you had any problems,” she asked me as we sat down.

            “Not really. Just bad morning sickness,” I said with a shrug as I played with Mary.

            “Has Aidan been helping you,” she asked.

            “A lot. He always gets my food and drinks and he won’t let me do anything,” I said laughing a little.

            “He’s just worried,” she said.

            “He’s been worse since the doctor told us I would have to be careful of miscarriages,” I told her.

            “Oh I’m sure,” she said nodding.

            “It scared me to,” I said honestly.

            “You just have to stay stress free. After the first couple of months you’ll be fine,” she said.

            “I know. I’m only a month in though,” I said with a sigh.

            “You caught it early,” she said surprised.

            “Well look,” I said as I pulled up my shirt.

            “That’s either gonna be a big baby or more than one,” she said with a smile.

            “Please don’t say that. I don’t know how we’re gonna handle one much less more than one,” I said with a groan.

            “Have you two been talking about it,” she asked.

            “Yeah. We both want a boy,” I said.

            “I can honestly say boys are easier,” she said laughing.

            “Oh I know. We bought a baby name book too,” I said.

            “It’s nice that you’re getting started already.”

            “We’ve also decided that the nursery color is gonna be green. We don’t want the traditional blue,” I said.

            “You really are excited for this aren’t you,” she asked as she watched me.

            “I know I shouldn’t be but I am. I already love him,” I said as I ran my hand over my stomach.

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