Chapter 2

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Ralph was startled awake as the Captain spoke to him in his mind, as she activated the implant. *Yes Captain, we will join you for breakfast.* he replied, as he stretched. It seemed both normal and strange, to be talking silently with her, as it wasn't the pack bonds, and yet... felt right.

He snuggled down into the side of his mate and looked at his mark on her neck, smiling. It was nice to feel her in his mind. She smiled up at him as she opened her eyes, "I can feel you in the back of my mind!" she mentioned, surprised.

"That is normal." Ralph replied, *We also can speak this way too.* he said, using the bonds instead of the implant. *The Captain has invited us for breakfast.*

Fast Paws had her eyes open wide. She had felt his emotions while he spoke. It hadn't occurred to her that she would be able to have a bond like it. She smiled and sent a wave of love back to him. *Then we had better get up and have a shower.* They could sense emotions over the implant but this was different.

Ralph nodded and moved to slide off the bed. Heading to the shower, he was happy to see how large it was. The initial spray of water was cold, but soon warmed up nicely, as Fast Paws joined him for a quick cleaning. She looked over the mark on his shoulder, that she had left and frowned. She barely remembered leaving it; just a wave of pleasure as he bit her shoulder and doing the same in return. His mark had healed to a red scar and looked like it would leave a mark.

He smiled as the water stopped and they were blasted from all sides by warm air. "That would be good for drying my fur!" he commented, amused.

Fast Paws laughed and stepped out pulling on her shipsuit with only the barest thought before pausing and worked with her mate to activate his.

Ralph growled, not used to such a close fit before shaking his body, and offering a hand, "We have a breakfast to get to." He told her.


The Captain growled at them as her Liraque let them into her sitting room, "So you are taking my second officer, after all." She had been told about how Were mates took on a tone of scent from their mates as a way to say they are taken. She could smell Ralph on her officer, more than if they had been cuddling.

"Sorry Captain," Fast Paws replied, "I have just felt drawn to him, since I first saw him." She nibbled on some of the food before saying more, "I think Stormy Sky would be a good replacement when we get back to Folica. Until then, I will do my duties." She replied, sitting straight.

Moonie growled before nodding, "Granted. I am adding the Wolves to your duties. You will be the one to ask if they need anything. Also, you need to train Stormy Sky in your duties before we get back."

Ralph smiled and said nothing. Moonie's name was getting funnier every time he met her. The fact she was so put out that they didn't say anything when she met them before coming up to the ship was making it harder to not snicker over it, now the stress of getting his pack—as small and new as it was—onto the ship. He now had much of the stress gone, as they were in a limited place, and while it was new, there wasn't much to worry about.

"Moonie," Ralph asked after eating a bit more, "Would there be somewhere we could safely let our wolves out to do a good run? We should be good for a week, before they start wanting to get out and for them, they want to get exercise frequently."

Moonie tapped a claw on her tooth as she thought, "I think we could set up a time for the main corridors to give you a reasonable track to run on one deck." She turned to Fast Paws with a toothy smile, "You can arrange and schedule times for it to be cleared for their needs."

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