Chapter 11| Beautiful

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Once hazel eyes have set on their reflection, they widened in disbelief.

Faith grabbed the two long pigtails in her hands, inspecting the beautiful types of flowers decorating her light brown hair, her cherry lips parted as they finally comprehended that the one on the other side of the mirror was in fact, actually her.

"Wow, Anna..." She exclaimed, looking back at her best friend, "I kind of look nice." Faith blushed, and Anna's smile widened, signing for Anna 'Beautiful Faith, beautiful hair.'

Faith's blush deepened as she understood what her friend had taught her of sign language, since ever since she had known Anna, and no matter how much Anna wanted and tried, she couldn't utter a single word to her.

That fact saddened Faith, but she never wanted to pressure her bestfriend or make her feel like the odd one out, so she never showed her extreme curiousity to hear Anna's voice to her.

Faith's eyes took in the watch on her hand, and her eyes widened as she quickly ran over to Anna's bed, grabbing her stuff and school bag from it, "Oh God, Oh God!" She panicked, "I'm so damn late, shit-"

Anna tried to calm her friend, knowing very well what would happen if Faith hadn't been home before her mom, so she didn't stand in her way as she watched her rush downstairs.

"Woah- there!" Rose bumped into the smaller body as she entered the house, her blue eyes went down to the crazy teen as she put on her shoes quickly at the doorstep, "be careful, Faith. You could've fell, dear." Rose stated, and Faith nodded quickly, yet the tightness in her chest suddenly felt heavy at the motherly words.

You're so lucky, Annabelle.

"Bye, aunt Rose!"

She rushed out of the house, her small feet passed quickly houses, making a sharp turn at the last block. Her breaths were fast, and her face drowned in sweat as she stopped infront of the worn out house, it was old, almost falling beneath their feet, and rotting.

She could hear the faint barking of he dog Millie, but she just ignored everything as her heart beats thumped inside her ears.

She walked hesitantly to the door, her palms sweaty as they collided with the metal knob, but once they twisted the door hadn't opened, and she let out a sigh of relief as her body relaxed.

Thank god, she's not home.

She quickly got the key out of her back and unlocked the door, steping inside quickly and locking it back. But as she took a few steps inside she was dragged by one of her pigtails across the room.

She shouted in pain as she felt like her hair would be pulled out of her skull, but as realisation hit her, the smell of sharp alcohol did too. "Where were you, huh?!" The woman shouted into her ear, pulling at her hair harder.

Faith held it in as more screams threatened to surface, but no matter how used to it she was there was a limit for how much a twelve year old could take.

"It's all because of YOU! ALL OF IT!" She shouted, "It's because of you that he left me, like all the others before him! For what?! For an ungrateful BITCH!" She sobbed, her tears drowning her face as she pulled at Faith's hair, "Why? Why do YOU exist?!"

Faith swallowed down her pride and tears that threatened to surface, 'you tell me' she wondered in her own mind, 'whose fault is it really?'

Her mother let go of her hair as she fell down on the floor, her sobbings loud making Faith blush at the embarrassment of what their neighbors have to hear everynight.

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