Chapter 11| Beautiful

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This chapter contains content that may not be suitable for everyone, this and the next chapters contain:

Bullying, suicidal thoughts, domestic abuse and more, if you're not comfortable or it triggers you in any way please do not read any further.

Thank you, ma potatoes.


Annabelle's P.O.V

I hugged my knees to my chest as I felt the bed slightly dip beneath me.

I can't understand what was happening, nor can I explain what was that planted onto my neck.

I grabbed my inky strands, my fists closed as they pulled at my hair, I felt so lost, so pressured, I didn't understand, I didn't know what to tell my mom if she sees my neck, I can't think of an excuse for me to set foot outside of my room.

I suddenly felt like a hostage trapped by my own mind and thoughts, my room was where I imprisoned myself, yet instead of wanting to break free I was scared of confrontation, I didn't want to speak with anyone until I've finished this conversation with myself.

Until when, Annabelle?

Until when are you gonna go back in circles to only return us to where we began? Progress? Push, you're lower than zero, you're too scared to speak to your own family, a coward will always be a coward.

Physical strength will never hide that fact.

I curled up in a ball, my hand reached under my pillow, feeling the carton brush the tips of my fingers as I pulled the picture out. My eyes moved to inspect the girl with short brown hair, her eyes were closed as she fell into hysterical laughter, causing her pierced dimples dip into her cheeks as her arm rested on my shoulder.

I miss you.

I miss you so much and it hurts, nothing could mend the pain in my heart, nothing could've made me feel genuinely happy again, why did you go, why didn't you have mercy on me and leave at least half of my soul?

I felt warm tears brush my cheeks and sink into the fabric of my pillow as I hugged the picture tighter to my chest.

If you were here now, you would've known what to do, wouldn't you?



Four years ago

Laughs echoed through Annabelle's room.

"Will you stop this mess Anna? Dear God, my hair is beginning to tangle!" Faith complained over Annabelle, who was currently braiding Faith's hair and making her look 'cuter' yet Faith wouldn't stop nagging as Annabelle shot her a glare.

Annabelle tugged Faith's hair, a sign for her to stay still, but that caused the young girl to only groan more, "Fine, you better make me look like Zain Malik by the end of this." Faith smirked, causing Anna to let out a silent giggle, the small gesture making Faith smile at her friend.

Anna let go of Faith's hair, going over to inspect her work with a grin, "Are you finally done?" Anna took one last proud look before nodding, "Ok then, show me!" Faith jumped out of the bed as they both went over to the mirror to take a look at her new hair.

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