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"Look who finally made it!" My Mom said as soon as Jaxon and I entered the dining room. Everyone's eyes were on us, including Adam. I felt a slight chill go down my spine and tore my gaze away from him and back to my mother as Jaxon spoke. "Yeah, Kimora and I were just having a fun day today."

I blushed and everyone else looked stunned by what Jaxon had said. Obviously, his words had a double meaning behind it and from the mischievous glint in his eyes, he knew what he said could be taken a different way. I felt my Dad's glare on us and cleared my throat. "What he means he was spoiling me today. Nothing that wouldn't be father approved." I laughed nervously.

My Dad seemed to simmer down. "Right."

Jaxon and I sat down at the table and I sat next to Kamila while Jaxon sat on the other side of me. A conversation sparked up but, I didn't include myself into it. Mainly because the eyes of that monster have been on me ever since I walked in. I'm sure if he glared, it'd burn a hole through my skull.

"It's okay," Jaxon whispered, holding my hand. "He won't do anything else to you." I gave him a small smile. His words meant a lot but, the bad feeling in my stomach told me that tonight would not be so cheerful.

"So Kimora, I haven't seen you in a while," Adam said with a fake sadness that only I saw through, putting all eyes on me. I gripped onto Jaxon's hand a little tighter. "How have you've been? I've heard you were kinda depressed."

It's fine, Kimora. He won't do anything in front of you when people are around.

"Yeah. Something was on mind." I said, trying my best to control the shakiness in my voice.

"What was it?"

Jaxon opened his mouth but, I gave him a reassuring squeeze. If he said anything, Adam will definitely know I told him. I couldn't let him get involved as much as possible. I don't want him to get hurt because of me.

"You know exactly what it was," My voice turning bitter.

His lips pulled up to a smirk but, he instantaneously regained his character. "We should eat before the food gets cold." 

Everyone resuming conversation but, I muffled it. The look on this monster's face made me want to hurl. Eventually, his monstrous eyes let up off of me and I released a small breath of relief. My hands were shaking and Jaxon kissed the back of my hand. "Hey... I'm here. It's okay." He whispered for my ears earlier. I nodded, closing my eyes to take a deep breath.

I'm fine. Jaxon's here. Everyone's here.

He won't touch me.

He can't touch me.


After we all ate, we gathered into the living room. My Mom set up a Secret Santa like she always has. It was what she did when there were too many people to spend the holidays with; no one had the luxury of getting a gift for everyone.

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