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My man is a temperamental Yogi.

He could turn me to dust in a moment.

Desire, flowing through my veins

Like fire, like silky wine.

The heat of the Sun is in your skin;

Touching mine,  craving sin.

I don't wanna let go; you don't care to echo

What I feel for you: It's fire, spitfire.

I can't let you go. Babe, you are gleaming so;

The light in your eyes, diamonds in the sky

Aye, I'm fallen.

What I have for you is a hunger;

It's ruining, and I'm deprived.

You're killing me. I can barely breathe

My Yogi, my lief, you kill me, so sweet.

You're fire, my desire. Spitfire, me.

Diamonds in the sky, silky wine;

You can turn me to dust in a moment.

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