in my head - harry centric

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Prompt: Can you do one where Harry passes out from exhaustion on stage and no one notices until Louis trips over him. They call him a drama queen and dismiss it. He’s sick for the next few days and the others say he’s being stupid. He passes out in rehearsals and they others find out he has a serious head injury.

Trigger warning: head injury, accident,


One direction was probably the biggest phenomenon of the decade. The five boys Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn were known worldwide and most of the teenage girls adored them. They were between twenty and twenty-two years old and were just ‘normal lads’ like they always said in interviews.

Before the boys had gotten famous they had been typical teenage boys from the United Kingdom with the dream of becoming famous. They had all auditioned at the X-Factor and had made it through to the next round but then they hadn’t made it through and their dreams had been shattered right in front of them. Some of the people had celebrated and cried of joy and happiness because they had gotten through but the five boys had been the ones that had cried out of sadness.

In his entire life Harry had never felt this bad and it had really broken him. On their way outside of the venue Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik had been called back to the stage. Liam had actually expected a battle between all five of them like one of them would make it through and the other would go home but then they had been offered to continue as a band.

Of course it had been a huge decision but they hadn’t even taken a second to think about it. It had either been all of them going on as a band and making their dreams come true or going back home.

The boys had never regretted the decision they had made that day because they had turned into friends and were now, after getting third place on the X-Factor, travelling around the world together.

It was an amazing experience to visit all the places they did and to meet fans from all around the world. Without their fans the boys wouldn’t have gotten famous in this short period of time and it was great to see that even four years later the fans were still supporting them.

The boys spent nearly all of their time together and even though they practically loved each other like brothers it happened that they sometimes got mad at each other but they had never had a big fight before. Normally when one of them was angry at someone he still had three other boys to turn to and so they just didn’t talk for a day or two and then everything was forgotten again.


To be honest right now Harry didn’t feel too comfortable in the band. He had gotten a lot of hate from fans because he had gone to the US two weeks earlier than his bandmates before the beginning of the US part of the worldwide stadium tour.

It wasn’t a secret that Harry liked the US and so he had gone the Los Angeles to meet up with some friends and relax. However the fans had already smelled drama and so the rumors about him going solo had started quickly. Harry had never even thought about leaving the band and going solo because the band was all he loved. He loved spending time with the other boys and he had so much fun with Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn that it’d be absolute stupid to go solo.


The boys were currently touring through the US and they were getting tired of all the paparazzi following the around the entire day. It was one of the things that they didn’t like about America because there were way too many people following them. When they were in the UK things were a lot calmer and so it was no wonder that the five were quite stressed.

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