Chapter 1 : Now Everyone Knows

"Veronica get up I know it's Friday, come on we have to go! We won't wait for you" Yelled my brother Hunter from some where down stairs. UGH! I hate mornings! I hate school! I hate anything and everything this early. I know you are like whoa wait smarty pants over here hates school!? Yeah I do but who really likes school? If you do I am happy for you because that takes talent. Waking up so early in the morning so your mind could be filled with a lot of information most people wont even think about in the future. See I am really good in school and everything with all A's but I don't like it.

"Veronica get your ass up!" Yelled Hunter storming into my room and pulling off my blanket.

"OK, OK I am up!" I yelled while jumping up to my feet almost falling on my face when the coldness of my room hit my body. But Hunter grabbed my arm before I fell on my face.

"Gosh Hunter make me fall on my face and the day hasn't even started yet!" I said to him with my evil glare he knows way to well.

"Well your welcome! I caught you before you fell on your face I could have let you fall." Hunter said with an amused expression. I swear he is bipolar sometimes because he will be yelling at you one minute and smiling and laughing the next. He started walking to my door without turning he yelled "GET READY." See I told you completely bipolar.

I walked into my bright green and blue bathroom to look at myself. I see why no one talks to me. I look like death right now. My bright blonde hair is a mess from last nights sleep and my light pale skin (I could use some more sun) I look like an albino compared to everyone at school and my brothers.

I brushed out the tangles and I pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I washed my face with clean and clear made with pineapple and strawberry seeds my favorite. I like anything that has to do with tropical. I want to move to Hawaii, that's my dream. I brushed my teeth went back into my room.

I went to my closet and grabbed a pair of my light washed skinny jeans and pulled them on. I found my favorite blue shirt and pulled it over my head, I grabbed my blue and green backpack and slipped my blue Toms on and ran down the stairs missing a few in the process. As you can tell my favorite colors are blue and green.

"Now you come! Gosh we have been waiting forever. Now lets go. Everyone else left! Your lucky we waited!"  Austin said. Why are they in a hurry they never are. They don't care if they are late or not.

See we have a big family. My 12 brothers and my dad. He acts more like a teenager then a dad but he is always there to give you dad advice. Ya I know 12 brothers? HOLY CRAP! How could you live with them? Well I grew up with them so I am kind of a tomboy. I yell at the TV when football is on, I play in the mud with my brothers EWWW I know.

But I am the only one that can cook and clean. I am like the mother figure. Someone has to teach them manners. But I don't care I love them like my own.

But what happen to your mom you ask? See my mom will come back to my dad when she is alone an has no guy to "play with". But if she got pregnant  she would leave.. have the baby and drop it off here, If it was my dads kid. I bet she has other kids with other guys too! She said she didn't want kids. It's depressing I know and it's hard to explain how but yeah it's what happened.

After she had my older brother Jakob she left. But she keeps coming and leaving. I have never really talked to her. Ya I have seen her before with my dad but I never really talked to her. When I saw her I just walked the other way. I never liked her. I always ask my dad why does he always go back to her he always say "Because I love her." I just think it is bullshit!

"Are you coming or are you walking in the rain?" Chris asked me grabbing his keys.

"Yes I am! Let me grab me some food first!" I told him.

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