It's not dirty, it's so clean

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Written by hanadi-bk

While reading, keep your panties on and enjoy erotic, as power.

The erotic is an energy, a creative one that calls you to feel full and loves deeply. It is rooted in the senses and a vital connection to the body.

Writing erotic scenes isn't just about sex or the body movement, it's about how to describe relationship, sensation, expression, justice, creativity and the depth of feelings.

It creates a link between writer and readers, that is different than all other types of story, improves the ability of the writer to touch deeply every inch of reader's souls and bodies, so to achieve this, the writer has to stay so far away from vulgarity.

Ps: I'm not trying to give you specific steps, but some of the things that must be done!

Firstly, think carefully about which words to use and which to avoid. Some terms for body parts or activities may seem clichéd or pornographic, others too medical, create your own language to leave the right impression and feelings.

Moreover, the reader isn't a participant in a sex scene to enjoy the desire always, the writer should think repeatedly about the legitimacy and purpose of including a sex scene. Like any other event or development in the plot, is it right, and is it necessary? What purpose does sex serve within a story? 

The most important thing for me, as Hanadi, the dose of truth in the description without exaggeration, we aren't writing a pornographic scene to make the hero's d*ck as the mountains and the heroine a perfect greek goddess, the reader needs something that looks like him to imagine himself as one of the heroes!

Sex isn't typical and unchanged, it doesn't serve a single purpose, or always yield the same result, it can be successful or unsuccessful, transcendental, rote, violent, boring, illicit, aborted, silly, cataclysmic, drunken, ecstatic, mechanical, virginal, habitual...etc. just as you need to complete your ideas. The reader must come to the idea that sex is not always perfect but changes with feelings and circumstances, not that the writer creates an ideal world of sex that does not exist.

《He put his hand there, then she did this with her mouth》. Describing movements without emotion will make the scene empty, devoid of credibility, and uselessly Jewish. On the contrary, when the writer says, for example, "she would kiss the soles of his hands as if she was sanctifying them," it would appear that she loved him and practised love with her own will. The writer should study every step to see if it is carrying the feelings that it needs.

Let your heartbeat races, your face flushes hot, your breath quickens, your muscles tense and twitch. Let yourself recognize her desire, her thirst and her need.

With love.

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