bright light - niall centric

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Prompt: If there’s one thing Harry knows for sure it’s that Niall is like some sort of light.

Or the one where the boys look to Niall in times of darkness. Niall centric with lots of fluff and a deep analysis of why Niall is just a wonderfully amazingly bright human being.


Niall always finds things amazing; he practically has the mind of a four year old and can look at things with such childlike wonder. Whatever sort of contraption, Niall wants to know how it works down to the letter and will still find a scary amount of pleasure just watching it. His latest obsession has been those silly Executive Toys that people have on their desks. They’re essentially useless, but Niall finds them amazing anyway. It baffles Louis really. That Niall can be so easily amused by anything.

He can sit there on his own and still find something to keep him occupied for hours on end. He makes his own fun and can sit playing guitar for hours at a time until his fingers bleed just making up new songs and melodies. Louis knows he could never get bored of watching Niall. He’s always doing something, always moving in some sort of way – despite the fact that he has a dodgy knee that could fail him at any point. He hates being idle and sitting down for long interviews. Niall prefers performing, releasing all his pent up energy and throwing himself into a grand performance and seeing all their many fans screaming their lungs out.

It’s probably why Niall’s so suited to being a performer in the first place. Even after their shows Niall’s still bouncing off the walls two hours later – much to Zayn’s disappointment. Louis never minds, him simply takes Niall by the hand and leads him outside with a football and they kick it back and forth while Louis listens as Niall talks and talks. He tells him how amazing it is, how amazing their lives are. Louis already knows of course, but he lets Niall go on and on and lets him work it out his system. Then once Niall’s run out of energy – which is amazing in its self – he leads him back inside half carrying him and puts him back to bed with a kiss on his temple. By morning Niall’s always back to his normal hyper-active self, running around and driving Paul mad when he goes missing after “borrowing” one of the segways. Louis loves watching him drive away on it laughing as Paul and Preston chase after him shouting all sorts of Irish profanities at him. It’s one of the reasons Louis always hijacks Niall and attempts to involve him in his many plots and schemes – much to Paul’s distress. Niall can always get away with it after all. He’s too cute for his own good.

Louis guess that’s why people are always so drawn to him – that and Niall has an amazing sense of humour after all. Louis can always rely on him to laugh at something when he tries to be funny. He knows if he didn’t have Niall, if they didn’t have Niall, their worlds would run at a much slower pace without Niall racing about. He’s always there to brighten the mood and Louis doesn’t know what they would have done without it recently.

They’ve been doing a lot, maybe too much. They’re on tour, they’re doing the album at the same time, and added to that there’s the promotional stuff for the movie. Its running them ragged sine they’ve also had events to go to as well, such as the Teen Choice Award’s and VMA’s.

The Teen Choice Award’s hadn’t gone so well. They’d kind of felt like they hadn’t given it their best performance. Louis especially feels like crap. He’d sort of maybe said the words “oh shit” before his solo and because of that had made it pretty clear that he’d been nervous as hell and uncomfortable about singing the song. People were bound to pick up on that and the media would rip them to bits for it.

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