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Hollow - Teaser

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The knife sliced the night with a butter, and flesh, melting fire.

It didn't feel like I'd imagined. Or sound. I wanted more. Something tangible. A sensual trophy.

Maybe next time.

I walked away feeling what I can only describe as dejected. No, that's not quite right. Not just dejected. Disappointed. A little bored, maybe.

Why do we do things? Because we must? Because we can? Because, if you ask any teenager, 'I don't know?' Or, just because? I crossed the road because, unlike the hedgehog who wanted to see his flat mate, I needed to. I ate the milk chocolate Hob-Nob biscuit because I wanted to. I killed her just because.

No, there's always a reason, isn't there? 'Just because' doesn't cut it. It's a cop out. Maybe the reason is something elusive. Something you can't put into words, but it's still there. So, I slid the knife across her throat, because I wanted to know if I could. If I'd like it or if I'd be disgusted and horrified. I'd taken a life. I'd been covered in blood. She'd farted in fright just before she fell.

I expected her death to be graceful. She would slide to the floor as her soul hissed at me, drifting to the hereafter but wishing it could linger within its body to protect it from anything else I might inflict upon her. I hadn't planned on doing anything to the woman either before or after I killed her. I am not a rapist and nor am I a necrophiliac. I'm not deranged or a monster, just curious. Grace had abandoned her, though. She farted, gurgled and dropped. 

This is the first part of Chapter One of my new horror thriller, 'Hollow'

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This is the first part of Chapter One of my new horror thriller, 'Hollow'. What do you think? Are you excited? I certainly am! I've just made her (in chapter 10) do something she REALLY didn't like to do. Let's see how she copes with that!

Let me know if you're looking forward to reading this. If you'd kindly spread the word, that'd be amazing.

Thank you to the amazing Shimaira for the fabulous cover!! The cover has since been changed as part of the Paid Stories program. I thank Shimaira for her help and unending support! Check out the cover she did for Into Darkness!

And finally, I'll be sharing some word aesthetics for each chapter, created by the wonderful @PenumbraMine!

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