February 5 : Ahead

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It took longer than I thought, but finally, I managed to get my printing business set up and properly operating. It was a hectic few months but it's done.

Now that I have a bit of free time, I pick up the book on the coffee table, one that I barely started, but inspired me to proceed with my dream anyways.

"How To Plan Ahead So It All Goes To Plan" was the title of the book. I remember the line 'If you think it's worth the risk, you can reward yourself later for having the foresight, but if you miss the chance, you can't reward yourself at all'.

I flip through the pages, my fingers stopping at the gap made by bookmark. I then toss the book open.

And to think, I had nearly forgot the bookmark I set.

A one dollar bill and a piece of paper, on it was something I've written with a marker.

"Good job"

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