Chapter 1

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A flock of crows mobbing fragrant corpses.An offputing stench of metal and death and dust mingled with the crispy refreshing London air.Noises of falling debris,agonizing screeches of pain and battle cries filled to the brim with the desperate need to survive filled the void of silence that engulfed the senses of any nearby soul.Colorful beams cut through the mundane scenery like a knife does with butter.Souls extinguished while others are broken from the horrendous deeds committed.

Walls as old as time crumbling taking with them the traces of the souls of witches and wizards who once dwelled there.Their laughter,tears,sweat and blood and emotions became distant memories like the same walls that witnessed everything.The parts in the castle unharmed are tainted with blood and body remains.Remains sprawled on the cobblestone floors some were swimming in pools of blood,others decimated with bite and claw marks or effects of custom spells.

It was a heart wrenching scene to say the least,death,death everywhere

In a last attempt to drown his grief and sorrow,Harry goes to the headmasters office to retrieve the pensieve to unravel snape's memories.He emptied the flask on the pensieve and dived his head in.Amidst the emotional wrecking memories he failed to notice the figure looming behind him or the spells thrown at him.The first spell being a nonverball 'Experlliarmus' followed by an 'Avada Kedavra' and another 'Avada Kedavra'.The figure took bits of his hair,his wand,the invisibility cloak and the marauders map and the golden snitch.Then they disposed of his body magically.The masked person checked his pulse to find him dead and waited for a few mintues.Then they put the cloak on their frame and took the map in their hands.They got out to the entrance hall until descrying Neville Longbottom and a bit further Ginny Weasley and Oliver Wood.They used the imperius on him and Ginny under the cloak unable to imperius more people.Neville went to Professor Flittwick and asked him to help him with extracting a corpse from under a very fragile boulder that would be too much of a ragmarole to do alone and it would consume all the time before he would retrieve others.The unsuspecting professor followed him to a corner until Neville pettrified him then conjured and gave him a vial of unknown substance,he obliviated him seconds later and he himself downed another conjured vial.He had him help lifting a corpse and upon his arrival to the great hall he is quickly obliviated by the figure.
Oliver Wood and Ginny did the same concerning Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shakelbolt.Though Ginny couldn't conjure the vial due to an order member who was around the corner.And off course the perpetrator was in a safe distance doing so.

They went outside to the forest and put some traps and wards here and there under the cloak.They imperiused Narcissa to cast a disarming spell against them under the cloack then had the wand taken back while obliviating the said pureblood supermasist.The said person walked to the forbidden forest until they reached Voldemort,revealed themselves from under the cloak then conjured Harry's dead body.Before Voldemort or a death eater raised his wand they said in a calm voice:

"Before anyone of you attack i have an offer to propose.".

Voldemort ushered to his followers to stay put.Hagrid was cristfallen,then struggled against his restraints and yelled at the top of his lungs "HARRRYYYYY!"
anguished and broken only to be silenced by Rowle. 
If the person was indeed an enemy he would be attacked by surprise by now or his followers for that matter.And a dead Harry Potter's corpse added to that assumption.

"And what may that be?" He asks with a curious tone.

"Disclosing the true allegiance of the wand and how to gain it.And giving valuable information regarding the war that would ensure an annihilating victory" Hagrid opened his mouth in utter shock,and his eyes were as big as saucers but he knew better than resisting.

"For what price would that be?And what would ensure me of the authenticity of your intel?" He asks even more intrigued if that was possible.Surely,everything comes with a price and he isn't as stupid as trusting strangers,or others for that matter.

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