Chapter 4 : In which he is already whipped

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 Noah woke up to the heavenly smell of pancakes and bacon, he had forgotten what pancakes and bacon smelt like but as the divine smell wafted through his nose his memory was refreshed and he couldn't help but take a deep breath to savor it. In prison, it was porridge, porridge for breakfast, porridge for lunch, porridge for dinner with the occasion kale.

Noah wanted to get up and go get some of that breakfast but he couldn't bring himself to get up from the warm, cozy duvet and the most relaxing spring mattress. It had been a while since he was this comfortable, he felt like he woke up in heaven. He just wanted to lie there forever but unfortunately, that was something he couldn't afford to do since the rent won't pay itself, neither would a job come up on his doorsteps. He had to get up.

Noah pushed the duvet off of himself and sat up straight, stretching his limbs out. Doing his morning routine he stepped out of the room.

"Good morning" Bluebell who was sitting at the dining table greeted him with a bright morning smile plastered on her face. It made Noah's day better.

"Good morning" Noah greeted in return his voice coming out extremely raspy, which was very attractive, to say the least.

"I made breakfast for both of us" she said.

"You really didn't have to but thank you" Noah said.

Who was he kidding if Bluebell would've been eating alone then he would probably be eyeing her food the whole time.

"No it's fine, I am happy that I have company" Bluebell said as Noah dragged out a chair and sat next to her while she placed some pancakes and bacon on his plate.

Noah quickly dug in devouring each and every bite.

"These are really good" he complimented .

"Thank you, actually cooking and baking are like my passion" she said.

In no time Noah was done with his breakfast.

"Ummm... Bluebell is it okay if I am a month late on my rent? I kind of don't have a job right now and I have to go job hunting" Noah said.

"Oh ... umm, yea it's okay ... in fact you know what the first-month rent is on the house" she said with a grin.

Noah looked at her surprised, could she be more of a saint than she already is? .Noah thought about people taking advantage of her niceness and naivety and walking all over her, his blood boiled at even the thought of it. How has this girl been surviving on her own?

"I don't know how to thank you, you have done so much for me" Noah said, extremely grateful to the short timid girl in front of him.

"Oh no it's fine, all you have to do is walk me to the restaurant every morning" she said, she felt lonely walking alone.

"Yea sure" Noah said passing her a smile. He was gonna walk her anyways, he was even gonna walk with her back to the apartment. He wasn't gonna let her walk alone at least not after what happened yesterday.

"Okay I am done with breakfast, tell me when you're ready then we can leave the apartment" Noah said standing up and putting his plate in the dishwasher.

"Oh yeah I am ready, just let me grab my handbag and coat then we can leave" she said scurrying into her room.

A few moments later she was out of the room with keys dangling from her finger, all ready to go and seeing this Noah got up too.

They both stepped out of the apartment as Bluebell locked the door and started walking towards the elevator.

"I am sorry, I forgot to get another set of keys for the apartment made so I don't have any spare for you but I'll get the keys made as soon as possible" Bluebell said craning her neck up to look up at him.

"Its fine little Blue, I'll be walking back to the apartment with you anyways" Noah said and Bluebell blushed at the nickname.

Little Blue, she liked the sound of that.

Bluebell herself couldn't deny her attraction towards Noah. Who could blame her? Noah was, after all, a very good looking man, there was no denying that fact and Bluebell was, after all, a woman, so it was pretty normal for her to develop a crush on him.

"So you don't own a car?" Noah asked for the sake of conversation.

"No I prefer walking or the subway plus I don't own a driver's license, I am a terrible driver" Bluebell said shrugging.

It was true, her father had taken her to give the driving test, she couldn't back the car up for life and her eyes and hands coordination between the side mirror and the steering was terrible. She didn't pass the test.

"Don't worry once I am settled and have a stable job, I'll get my license renewed and get a car, then I'll drive you all the places you desire" Noah said stuffing his hand in his pocket and passing a small smile towards her which she returned with a toothy grin.

"Well i look forward to it, we can even go on road trips ! it would be so much fun Noah" Bluebell chirped, daydreaming while on the other hand Noah was entranced by her saying out his name, it the first time she did and it sounded delightful, he wanted her to keep chanting his name and never stop, it was like a melody to his ears.

Never had Noah dreamt even in his wildest dreams that he would ever this whipped towards a girl he had just known for such a short period of time. Everything just sort of clicked with her.

Soon enough the couple of them had reached Bluebell's dinner and it was time for him to leave and go job hunting.

"Okay so i guess you have to go now, thanks for walking me I'll see you at night" Bluebell said giving him an award-winning smile.

"yea i gotta go job hunting, meet you at night" Noah said passing her a smile of his own.

However , all he really wanted to do was sit in the dinner and stare at her.

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