Happy Valentine's Day!

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Cameron asked, trying to catch a good glimpse at Mike's face.

-There are too many things to list.-

Mike whispered, stiffening only harder as he drew his arms close to his body.

-Like what?-

Cameron asked. Mike didn't lose a word about it. He tapped his fingers on his knees, looking down, before shaking his head and rubbing his eye.

-Forget about it, I beg you... I shouldn't have said anything... Please...-

He pleaded, much to Cameron's frustration.

-Mike, there's nothing bad about it!-

He tried to convince.

-Let's just not talk about it... I can't, I'm not... I don't think it'll do any good.-

Mike got up and walked towards the door. Pulling the last of his brain cells together, Cameron got a sudden idea, which he knew will either ruin everything or fix everything. In the last moment, he took the risk:

-I'm not rejecting you.-

Mike stopped. He shakily turned his head, showing a few tears run down his cheeks, before storming out of the room and almost ramming down the entering Alex. Cameron heard his big brother tell something to Mike, before Alex entered the room.

-Cameron, you received the honorable job of cleaning the shower tomorrow, since the role of wiping the dust passes to Ryan, and the kitchen passes to Mike.-

He informed.

-Shower. Seriously. You want ME to fight the fur.-

Cameron resented with a bored face.

-You fight anyways, because we shower in a special order to make you go after Asriel.-

-Alex! Why can't you be serious when it's needed?-

Cameron got angry and got up. Alex's countenance changed to a more relaxed one as he looked down at his now-standing little brother .

-I know. I heard you talk. I don't know if I shall call it a lost case or...-

-HEY! It's serious! Mike will be affected by this! He is very vulnerable!-

Cameron frowned and grabbed Alex by his shirt. The look in Alex's eyes turned soft.

-I am not sure I can tell you how to talk it out with him. I don't know what is are the reasons he wasn't ready to tell you, and you know him much better than I do.-

He said. Cameron let go of his shirt and looked down.

-He wasn't ready to speak of it... That means that he feels like it will weight on me or make me... Feel guilty or sad, maybe depressed... But I have no idea how do I convince him not to fear telling me! I don't know what are the reasons! But if we don't solve it, he'll be feeling bad, and it'll hurt him... And I'll be guilty because I couldn't convince him to speak... OW!-

Cameron clenched his chest, where the soul appeared from when summoned. Alex grabbed him by shoulders and set him to the bed, sitting down beside him.

-Now it's hurting you as well.-

He said, brushing Cameron's hair. Cameron sighed shakily and nodded.

-At least I didn't feel another crack...-

-It doesn't matter if it cracked or not. It hurt you. You care deeply about Mike, right?-

Short silence. Cameron was thinking before nodding and speaking:

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