Happy Valentine's Day!

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Alex and Toriel watched with round eyes how Cameron did the impossible- got a lamp out of his mouth. Alex took the lamp that was covered in saliva, making sure not to touch the saliva itself, and started walking towards the door.

-I think you have a topic to discuss.-

He said, leaving the room. Toriel followed him, in the corridor colliding with the others.

-What was with Alex's facial expression?-

Chara asked.

-Not much.-

Toriel shrugged, although a smile was creeping up her face.

-And Cameron is helping Mike out with something, so don't bother them, for now.-

Alex said. Chara's face got covered by a grin.

-Chara, don't look at me like that.-

He warned. However Chara had no time to respond, since Alex was attacked with questions from Asriel about how the hell did Cameron get the lamp out of his mouth.
The moment Mike realized what he had said, he crawled onto his bed with feet and shut his eyes, as if he was getting ready for a strike. Cameron kept watching him with a shocked face, before finally being able to close his mouth.

-Well... Life hadn't prepared me for this...-

He mumbled, chuckling nervously. Mike didn't answer, he merely snuffled quietly and rubbed his left eye.

-Mike, I... Have no idea what am I supposed to say.-

Cameron confessed.


Mike squeaked.


-I am sorry... I shouldn't have brought it up...-

He said a bit louder. Cameron was surprised even more for a moment, before entirly relaxing and exhaling quietly.

-What are you sorry for? For telling me?-

He asked, getting up from his bed and sitting down beside Mike, who looked totally lost.

-I guess... And that I didn't tell you earlier. You were angry with me when I started acting differently.-

-What? Angry...-

Cameron thought a bit, before remembering his conversation with Mike yesterday. He understood that his tone indeed changed, and he didn't consider that Mike took anything as his guilt.

-I wasn't angry at all! I was worried because I thought that something was wrong!-

He explained.

-Just forget what I said, please.-

Mike got up, ready to walk away. Probably no person with crutches had ever moved as quickly as Cameron did now. He grabbed Mike by arm and their eyes locked.

-I'm not forgetting about it. If it weights on you, I want to help. Please.-

He placed his hand on Mike's shoulder. Mike sighed shakily, but obeyed. Cameron led him to his bed and they both sat down. Mike was scared, and Cameron felt guilty.

-When did you start... Um... How do I say it... Crushing on me?-

He asked softly.

-I am not sure when exactly, but shortly after I first met you.-

Mike mumbled in response. He refused to look at Cameron, but it was visible that his cheeks were red like cherries.

-And why exactly didn't you tell me? What were you worried of?-

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