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"I love myself, I want you love me." Louis sings, looking at Harry.

"Eyes on the road, Louis!" Harry screeches, as the car swerves a little.

Louis' eyes widen as they focus back on the road. He laughs awkwardly, "sorry, baby!"

Harry face palms, "you worry me," he mutters.

Louis places his hand on his chest, mock offence, "how could you say that to me?" he asks, dramatically.

Harry just shrugs, and puts on his best 'bitch face'.

Louis glances at him quickly, wondering where the attitude is coming from. "What's up your ass?"

Harry looks at him, one eyebrow raised, "huh?"

"I mean what's the attitude about?"

"Nothing, I'm fine, Lou. I was just messing with you," Harry says, honestly, giggling a little.

"Oh, you scared me a little! I thought you were angry with me..." Louis smiles.

Harry smiles back at him, "never, Lou."

They arrive at the supermarket, and get out of the car.

"Did you remember the list?" Harry asks, Louis.

"Got it right here, baby!" Louis smiles, pulling the scrap piece of paper out of his pocket. "Shall we go in, love?" Louis asks, and Harry nods, intertwining his hand with Louis'.

They walk into the local supermarket, hands held together firmly.

"This is quite the adventure!" Harry sighs, grabbing a basket with his free hand.

Louis doesn't note the sarcasm, and nods, with a beaming smile. "I know right!"

They walk down the first Isle, getting nappies for Winter, and some new shampoo for Harry. One of his favourites, peaches.

Though, once they get into the second Isle, Louis stops in his tracks. His eyes widen, Harry doesn't notice. He is too busy looking for which juice to get.

"Hey, H?" Louis says, voice wavering.

"Yeah?" Harry drags his eyes away from the juices.

"I just remembered we run out of lube, baby. Can you go get some? You can choose the flavour." the Alpha whispers hotly to his Omega.

Harry blushes, and nods. Before running off to go get it.

As soon as Harry leaves, Louis swallow thickly. Joseph. He spotted him, and was scared he would say something in front of Harry.

He tries to act natural, tries to calm down his beating heart. He never wanted to see Joseph again... Just as that thought runs through his head, he hears footsteps coming towards him.

Please be Harry, please be Harry, please be Harry.

"Long time, no see," he hears the familiar voice say. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath.

"What do you want, Joseph?" Louis asks, through gritted teeth.

"Not as nice as you were last time, hey Alpha? I've been trying to track you down actually..."

"Don't call me that! And what possible reason could you have to try and track me down?" Louis looks at the blonde, dead in the eye. He hopes he will hurry up and say what he wants to say, so by the time Harry is back he is gone.

Joseph cowers a little, before saying quietly. "I-I'm pregnant..."

It hits Louis like a train. He feels like all the wind has been knocked out of him. This can't be happening!

"W-what?! No!" Louis whispers, harshly.

"I'm so sorry..." Joseph grabs out a pen from his pocket, and gets the note of things Louis had to get from the supermarket. "Here is my number. Text me when you can, and I'll explain." After that, he walks off. Leaving Louis in a state of shock.

"Lou!" Harry says from behind him. Louis turns around, and Harry looks at him strangely. "You look like you've just seen a ghost," Harry comments.

Louis tries to laugh, he really does, but only a little sound comes out.

"I got strawberry flavoured," Harry says, kisses him on the cheek, and puts the lube in his basket.


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