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Once Harry gets ready for his and Louis' 'Adventure to the Supermarket', he rushes downstairs.

"Mum!" Harry calls out, once he's at the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Anne replies.

Harry walks into the kitchen, curls bouncing and a half-hearted smile on his face. "Would you be able to look after Winter for a while?" he asks, wondering what the answer will be since he hasn't talked to his mum properly since the restaurant incident.

"Yeah, sure, hun," she agrees, not look at Harry, and continuing doing the dishes.

Harry bites his lip, "are you mad at me, mum?"

Anne sighs, drops the cleaning sponge into the sink and looks at Harry, crossing her arms. "You really want to get onto this Harry?" she raises her eyebrow.

"Yes. Yes I do." he gives her the same look, and crosses his arms. Challenging her.

"Alright then. I'm not angry at you. I'm disappointed in you." she states.

"What?" Harry gives her a sassy look.

"I just-I can't belive you took him back.."

"One, I love him, and trust him. Two, it's none of your businesses what I do! And three, about the other night, how dare you embaress him in front of all those people?!" Harry says, angrily.

"Excuse me?! How dare I embaress him?! What about you Harry? Weren't you embarrassed? He is bad for you Harry."

Harry looks at the ground, and shakes his head, "that's where you've got it wrong... Anne. Louis has never embarrassed me. Unlike some." Harry says, surprised by the hate in his voice.

Anne closes her eyes, "just bring in Winter, Harry, and go do what you wanted." she tells him, quietly, voice cracking. Tears threatening to spill.

Harry's heart sinks. He never meant to make her cry...

"I've got her. She's here." Louis says from the doorway. Winter in his arms.

Harry's head snaps around, "how much of that did you hear?"

"All of it," Louis purses his lips, and gently passes Winter to Anne.

She gives him a warning glare, which Harry misses

"Where are you boys even going?" Anne asks, still sounding upset, but more collected.

"Just to the supermarket," Louis tells her, she nods and gives them a small smile.

Louis can see how tense Harry is, so he intertwines his hand with Harry. Harry visibly calms, and looks down at their hands.

"Well thank you for looking after Winter, mum. I'm sorry."

She nods, "I'm sorry too, Hazza." she also apologies.

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