30. Girl with the cure

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Trisha has mastered the art of concealing her emotions as she felt the hope surge through her after a long time. Her brother came to her rescue like he always did. He was waiting for with the cure and two people she wanted to save the most. But the question was will these people let her just walk out of this building or not.

As per Ryan's instruction, she only has to make it to the parking lot of the hospital and he will help her escape then. She just needed to think of a plan to get to the parking lot.

"I need to go the place myself and save the two patients." She said trying to attempt one to escape the place.

But now that she lost her card to hold, she already gave her blood that could be tested and replicated for the cure. She knew too well that she was surrounded by guards. She walked into this trap herself and now she had to find a way to escape this herself.

"I am sorry but you cannot leave unless we try and test the cure." One of the doctors said.

"Then can I go and make a call at least?" She said thinking multiple options in her head.

"You are requested to please remain seated here if you don't want any trouble ma'am." A scared nurse said.

As if lords heard her prayer, the alarm blared through the hospital and red emergency lights flashed making the atmosphere more intense than it was. Confused people rushed outside and Trisha waited for the doctors in her cabin fall in the state of panic too.

As expected people loved their lives more than catching a wanted criminal and they rushed outside. Trisha heard shooting off guns and people screaming and she felt the fear gush through her as the serum or whatever it was washed away completely from her body and brain.

And yet she walked in the direction of nearest exit hoping to reach Ryan in time so that he doesn't get involved in this mess. She ran in the direction of the nearest fire exit and mingled in the crowd rushing down when suddenly she felt a grip on her arm. Back in defense mode, she was almost about to pull away when she noticed a familiar grin and eyes.

"Sage." She said shocked and pleased.

He still looked a little pale but besides that he was fine.

"We had to come to cure rescue Tinker Bell." He said realizing the old Trisha was still here.

"We?" She asked.

"Killian is making distractions with your brother." He said as if this was some fun adventure they were on.

"The cure?" She asked.

"Works like a miracle." He said.

"Thank you for surviving." She said focusing on running and not letting Sage see how grateful she was to see him cured.

"Thank you for not dying." He said as he knew well enough that Trisha was drowned in the feeling of guilt and that she was not very keen on surviving.

All the while Sage kept a hold on her hands as they quickly ran towards a car. Sage gave a call as a signal and she saw Ryan and Killian rush outside as well. Unintentionally her eyes watered at the sight. 

"Thanks to you," Sage said noticing her tears.


"That we are all alive." He said with a soft smile Trisha realized she missed.

Hurriedly they sat inside the car and without saying a word drove away taking advantage of the chaos.

"Hi, Killian." She said in a soft small tone.

And that made Killian and turn sharply.

"Yeah well, I guess the fearlessness faded away." And Killian gave a look of pure adoration.

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