Valentines Day

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Todoroki: so valentines day is coming up..

Deku: yeah so?

Todoroki: you're single

Deku: yeah?

Todoroki: I'm single

Deku: okay?

Todoroki: interesting coincidence...

Deku: ooh god......


Bakugou: roses are red, violets are sh*t, and you get d*ck on.

Deku:... are you okay sir?


Kaminari: you know what this means on valentines day right?

Sero: yeah

Kaminari: so what is it?

Sero:we be single forever

Kaminari: interesting coincidence...

Kirishima to Bakugou: if I get hard will it save me or kill me?

Bakugou: your quirk is hard you dumb f*ck! Of course it'll save you!

Kirishima: can it save my love for you?

Kaminari in the background: that was cute af!

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