Chapter 39: Kit

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"You're his KitKat? Aren't you?"

A voice asked from behind me. I knew without having to look whose voice was calling out to me. I was shocked she confronted me about this in my own faculty.

I was with Beam and we were heading to the front where Ming was picking me up for lunch. To head to the engineering canteen. Beam was tagging along to bother Forth.

We just got out from from our lectures when her shilling voice made us both abruptly stop. Beam turned around first, and I can tell without looking in his direction that he was scowling at the girl. I turned around to see a woman whose smug face was distorting her beauty.

"So? Are you just going to stare at me... or are you going to answer my question?"

Ming had been stuck to me like honey. Hugging and kissing me in secret hiding areas around school. Calling out to me with that ridiculously happy face. Running up to me as soon as each practice session is over.

Yep, like honey...

Sticky yet delicious...

Anyways, I'm getting off track.

The point being that he openly displaying his affection no matter how many times I scold him. I let him get away with it too much, and I knew it would be painfully obvious we were going out. At least to the people closely watching him. Some girls still attempt to flirt with him when he's around me, but he just waves them off and continues to give his full attention to me.

I can't say that I don't find his actions endearing, but I wished he would pay more mind to the time and place.

It was just a matter of time before Moowan put the pieces together.

I mean seriously MingKwan...


It doesn't take a genius to figure out who he was talking about. Though her sudden presence did surprise me a little.

"Yes... I'm who you speak of." I said trying to keep my composure. 

"Ming's not gay... I find it hard to believe he would choose a man, but I suppose it's understandable... You do fall under his type, but seriously... What a letdown?" She looked me up and down with discontent. "You're not even worth the fight. Ming will definitely come crawling back to me once he realizes you are just a pale imitation to the real thing."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Beam spoke before I got the chance to say anything.

"He's obviously just a replacement. Why else would Ming choose him soon after our breakup? He loves me."

Beam was about to speak back, but I held him back. 

"Moowan. You cheated on Ming. You broke his heart. Do you think for one moment I'll let you take him back... Not in this lifetime." I said, and she glared at me.

"Ming is with me now... and I love him a hell of lot more then you."

"Tsk... Sweet, but naïve. Let me guess... he told you he loved you. Call you cute nick names. Clings to you like a grown child. Do you honestly believe you're special? He's done the same thing to me, and those before me. I was his honey... His Moobaby... He will realize his mistake soon, and come back to me. I was stupid before, but Ming is my destined husband." She said arrogantly. 

I felt a pang of uncertainty when she told me all the things Ming does to me. I had a feeling he might have acted the same way in front of her too, but it still hurts to know. I folded my arms in a defensive stance.  

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