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"Have you really been sick or have you been lying just so you could avoid us?"
It's been a few days since I got sick. I had gotten out of the shower and got dressed when Corey decided he wanted to talk to me.
"I've been sick. I haven't been ignoring you. Besides if I wanted to ignore you, you would've known." I threw my dirty clothes in a pile, trying to make myself busy.
"Whatever. So anyways.... Are you gay?" There was no small talk, it was literally straight to the point.
"I'm not gay Corey. I'm bisexual and why does that matter to you." I turned to face him now my eyes narrowing.
"Because I'm your friend Colby and I was shocked to see you kiss Sam. Also you and Sam are together now?"
"No, me and Sam aren't together. I don't know what is happening with us. And Corey if you were shocked to see me and Sam kiss, why did lash out at us?" I was a little harsh but I just pushed it away. Corey shifted his weight and shrugged.
"I don't know. I guess I'm upset that you didn't tell me anything."
I don't tell anyone anything." I glared at Corey. It was true. I don't tell anyone anything because I don't trust anyone.
"That's not the point Colby. You couldn't tell me that you're bi or you like Sam?" I didn't say anything. I tried every possible way not to lose my cool with Corey.
"Alright fine! I'm bisexual, I like Sam and I want to kill myself. What else do you want to know?" I forcefully made myself say without snapping. Corey bit his lip, unsure what to say. "Wouldn't be the first time...." Corey whispered. I knew right away what Corey meant by that. I bit my tongue, using every ounce of my will power not to kill Corey. Corey saw what I was doing and started to apologize.
"Colby I..... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for hurting you. I already got hell from everyone what I did, especially Devyn and Sam. I'm sorry Colby. I didn't mean to hurt you. I fully accept you for who you are. I'm so sorry....." He broke off, tears in his eyes. I silently walked over to him and hugged him. I knew how he felt. I felt my own guilt claw at me.
"It's okay. I'm sorry too Corey." I whispered, feeling my dark feelings and memories coming back to haunt me.

Sam's pov
I don't know what surprised me more. The fact Colby actually forgave and is hugging Corey or how no one noticed me. I watched Colby. He seemed distressed. He was thinking about something that makes him feel bad. Colby seemed to weak from normal as he walked away from Corey. I waited for Corey to leave Colby's room. As soon as Corey left I walked back to Colby's room.
"Hey Colby. Can I ask you something?" I leaned against his doorframe. His usually magnificent, bright blue eyes were dark and cold. He sighed, obviously tired from all the social interaction.
"Yes." Colby's dead voice scared me. I hated seeing him like this.
"When was the last time you ate anything?" I pushed my nerves down, terrified to let Colby know I was nervous.
"A few days ago..." He stared at the wall, trying to avoid my attempts to catch his eye.
"Colby... That's not healthy. Can I ask you to do me a favor and come downstairs with me and try to eat something."
"Sam, I'm fine. I haven't been hungry since I was sick which is normal for me."
"What do I do?" I can't force anything upon Colby nor would I want to. I really badly wanted for him to be talk to me but he is known for being secretive and quiet. I want to help him but I'm not sure how to. Colby has always been a mystery to me.
It took me awhile to notice that Colby was watching me with a more relaxed look then a few moments ago. I returned his watchful look.
"Colby, could you try to eat something for me tomorrow then?" Colby looked away, thinking about my question. It took him awhile but the he slowly nodded, letting me know he would try. My eyes caught Colby's hand dig into his wrist, making me wince.
"Thank you." I thanked him for allowing me to help him.Walking over to him, I gently removed his hand from his wrist. I hated seeing him do that to himself. Hugging Colby, I hoped it would let him know that I care and a lot of other people care about him.

"Why do you have to hate yourself Colby?"

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