Step up 3D 2010

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--Idea #1

-Name: Alyssa Gage

-Age: 21-22

-Hair: Long Wavy Reddish Brunette

-Eyes: Hazel

-Height: 5'7

-Relatives: Camille Gage(foster sister), Tyler Gage(foster brother)

-Occupation: starting school at NYU

-Love Interest: Luke Katcher(who is 23)

-LIKES: The Pirates

-DISLIKES: the House of Samurai, Natalie

-Biography: Loves dancing a lot


--Idea #2

-Name: Olivia Katcher

-Age: 20-22

-Hair: Long Straight Brunette

-Eyes: Green

-Height: 5'6

-Relatives: Luke Katcher(who is 23)

-Occupation: Dancer

-Love Interest: Robert "Moose" Alexander III

-LIKES: Dancing, Film Making,

-DISLIKES: the House of Samurai

-Biography: Loves dancing a lot


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