Chapter Six

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"I'm not going to jump out or anything"

He heard before he turned around quickly.

"I uh, well your awake" Grayson gave a awkward smile.

"Yeah I guess it's some sort of miracle isnt it" she said sarcastically.

Graysons awkward smile faded and turning into a frown.

"Why were you, gonna uh you know" Grayson couldn't find the correct words.

"Why was I going to kill myself?" She smirked. "You can say it, it's not like it's going to trigger anything" she said sarcastically.

"And if I explained it,you wouldn't understand " the girl continued, she was trying to sit up;yet its difficult because of the restraints.

"Well I can try to understand." Grayson said sitting on the chair in front of the window.

"Look I get you saved me and now you feel like you have to get to know me, when in all reality you dont have too and i didn't want your help" she said giving up on trying to sit up. She laid back down staring at the ceiling

"What you just wanted me to let you die?" He said a little confused.

She turned her head to look him in the eyes.

"I mean duh, if it wasnt clear dude i-"

"Grayson, my names Grayson." Grayson cut her off.

"Well Grayson, I would've appreciated if you would've let me go through with my decision." Her voice grew louder as she turned her attention back to the ceiling.

Grayson was confused on why she was getting angry about getting saved.
Why was she being like this?

"Well, I'm not sorry" Grayson admitted.

"Never said you had to be" she said bluntly.

"Why are you like that!"Grayson raised his voice getting up from the chair. Causing the girl to look at him again. "Why do you have to be a bitch, Especially to people that want to help you!" Grayson continued now pacing back and forth near the foot of the bed.

The girl looked as if she was in shock.
Grayson and the girl were now making uncomfortable eye contact. No one knowing what to say.

After a few moments Graysons mood changed back into a Grayson he was earlier.

"I'm sorry I didnt mea-"

"Get out" she mumbled.

Just then the doctor came in,"Grayson this is Nurse Edna, shes here to take you to get an Xray but you'll have to sign some paperwork for us first."

Grayson looked at the Doctor and the nurse, she looked like she was in her mid 40s. Grayson then looked at the girl that was now staring out the window.

"She will be fine, now come on" the nurse assured sensing his concern.

Grayson nodded and began walking out of the room with the nurse.

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