Temptation is Killing Me (Beyoncé & Kelly) Part 11

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Bey's POV

"Hold my hand so you don't get lost," Alicia instructed. I obeyed and followed her further into the busy club. As we passed through, people shouted me out and gave me props. I just smiled. It was nice to know my hard work was appreciated and that people enjoyed it, but sometimes it was awkward having that kind of attention when I wasn't working.

I chilled with Alicia in VIP, enjoying different drinks. Alicia on the other hand was enjoying more than just the alcohol. She was getting a lap dance by not one, but two women.

Sometime later, Jumpin Jumpin played and you know I had to get on my feet. The DJ shouted me out, which was slightly embarrassing, but I just danced like no one was watching.

When I sat back down, someone took my arm. It was an attractive young woman who Alicia had introduced to me, Kerry.

"I know you probably hear this all the time, but I love your music," Kerry complimented.

I smiled. "Aw, thank you. That never gets old, trust me."

She continued to smile, and we just continued to make eye contact.

"So," we both said at the same time and laughed.

"You first," she encouraged.

"Have you known Alicia long?" I asked over the music.

She shook her head no. "Maybe about a year."

"What do you do?"

"Actress," she smiled.

I narrowed my eyes, gazing at her carefully. She did look familiar now that I thought about it.

"Still on the come-up," she replied, as if reading my mind. "But I love it, I can't imagine doing anything else, really."

"Wait! Were you in Saved the Last Dance?"

She grinned, proving me right. "Yup. That would be me."

Kelly loved that movie.

"I thought you looked familiar," I said, my eyes probably lit up. "You did a great job." I felt myself grinning.

She grasped my arm again and sensually said into my ear, "Thank you, beautiful." Her lips touched my skin and I bit my lip.

I felt myself blush and looked around, seeing Alicia meet my gaze. She clapped one of her friends on the back before coming to me and Kerry.

"Y'all having fun?" she asked.

"This is the highlight of my night," Kerry said, holding my waist now.

Alicia raised a brow and laughed some before looking at me again. "Word? Bey, you cool?" she asked and then mouthed, "Kelly."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm cool," I asserted to her.


Kelly's POV

"Ow, shit," she hissed in pain. She probably bumped into something.

At a quarter to 4 in the morning, Beyoncé was finally home. I listened to her attempt to quietly get settled in. A few minutes later, I felt her get in the bed.

Even though I'd been steaming about her going out with Alicia, I wanted to make sure she was okay and safe. I turned the lamp on the night table on my side. The sudden brightness made me shield my face. Beyoncé groaned, eyes still closed.

I ignored her complaint and quietly knelt closer to her. She looked normal with a bandana tied around her head.

"Kelly, the light," she complained again, turning on her side. And that was when I noticed a hickey on her neck.

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