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Hey my babies I hope you all enjoyed the previous read, it was hard for me to write about one of my cutie girls getting hurt but a child getting hurt is a reality it always happens especially at that age where the want to touch, investigate and climb everything, also our boy Roman is in some really hot waters, lets hope he doesn't get burn too much.

Roman’s Point of View:

This day could not get any worse, in all my life I have never felt more helpless to remedy a situation, first I messed up by saying and doing terrible things to my baby, and in all my life I have never been more scared of a reaction of another person, he holds my happiness in his hands and if he don’t forgive me I don’t know what I will do.

Second that is just as bad in comparison, my niece, my little angel whom my sister left in my care to protect is laying in her play room unconscious blood all around her head like a sinister halo, as he sister loose her mind by crying and screaming for her other half.

My heart is hurting so bad right now that I don’t know what to do and how to fix everything, its taking so long for the paramedics to be here that I just want to take Simone into my arms and run with her to the emergency room.

Looking at the three most important people in my life, all covered in blood I can’t help but think that this is the worse day of my life, and all of it is my fault, the worse of it all is that I can’t touch no one of them, my baby is was just rocking back and forth to calm himself and Samantha.

Not waiting anymore I grab Simone and without coat, boots or any body warmer I run with her to the garage, my baby behind me with Samantha in his arms, grabbing blankets and other little things in his hands to cover the girls.

"Rom Cale and I will stay back to get bags and all necessity for the girls you all go ahead and we will meet you all there” says Logan quietly as he runs after us helping us strap Samantha into her seat then helping place the unmoving but still breathing Simone in Cay’s arms.

Opening the garage I drive like it was the last drive of my life, I got to that children hospital in record time, jumping out grabbing the screaming Samantha in my arms, my baby jump out of the car slamming the door and both of us running to the emergency room.

Just we burst through the door they were waiting for us “Mr. Steele we were waiting for you, Mr. Black called saying that you could not wait on the ambulance and appraised us on the situation, please give her to us” says a doctor who grab Simone placing her gently on a gurney and then it was rushing time.

They are talking as the rust her into the restricted area where they stop us from entering,

“She is too small to be by herself, Roman she needs me” pleads my baby grabbing onto my shirt, hugging his body,

“Baby we can’t go back there, the doctor and nurses don’t need the distraction of us hovering over their shoulders, they are going to do a great job, our little angel is going to be fine” as I say this I send a silent prayer up to God that what I am saying is true, he sniffles against my chest for a few minutes then he step away grabbing Samantha in his arms like she is the most precious jewel.

The love he feels and shows for our girls is out of this world, if anyone witness this they would think that the girls are our biological daughters and this solidify my need to keep us together as a family.

I stayed close to both of them, still not overstepping anymore my boundaries with my baby, I know I need to give him time and right now we have to focus all of our attention on the girls, and when everything is stable and Simone is fine, I hope to have a serious talk with my baby so we can build our relationship once more.

Looking up I see Caleb and Logan rushing in, Caleb has two bags I know they are fill with baby things for the girls and maybe some thing for my Cay, because he too is covered in Simone’s blood also none of them has on any Winter covering.

I stare over at him as he sooths Samantha singing to her rocking back and forth to stop her crying for her sister, after a while she calm down snuggling into his body grabbing as if she never wants to let go.

Oh God!!!

What I wouldn't give to have my arms wrap around both of them whispering in their ears that everything is going to be alright, but every time I tried touching him after the hug he tenses up and shake my hands away from his body, the thing is he has every right to do so.

I threw away that right just as he said before, for doing what I did.

Caleb rush past me to Cay, he leans down whispering in his ear, Cay shake his head no, Caleb whisper to him again he shakes his head furiously again in a no, he say something softly to Caleb then pull the bags out of his hands and proceed to clean Samantha.

Dressing her in clean appropriate clothes sweater and all, then he feeds her and every few second he would lean down kissing her forehead and humming, pretty soon she is relax against him, not sleeping just in a calm relax position against him, she and him and Caleb are looking towards the emergency area every few seconds.

He is still in his bloody clothes but he is ignoring it not moving from his direct view to that room, his attention is focus on Samantha and the emergency area, Caleb would say something to him but he will shake his head yes or no.

I hate seeing him like this, and to know that I am to blame is killing me inside. I feel a presence next to me I look up and its Logan.

“Rom what happen? Why is the little guy like that? What did you do?” he fires these questions at me as he sits in the chair next to mine“I know it has something to do with you carrying him out of the room like a sack of potatoes” says Logan in a quite voice, daring me to deny it, but I wont hide anything we have always told each other our problems from the time we were kids.

“I messed up Logg, I messed up real bad, so bad that I think I am going to loose him, and I don’t know how to fix it, he doesn't even want me to be near him much less touch him” once I said that the rest came flowing out, not all the details just the general synopsis of what happen, after I finish he just continue looking at me then,

“Well you better fix this Rom, you have to fix it or I will beat you to a bloody pulp and I am sure Alex will join in, you know he likes the little guy a lot, we all like him and I know for a fact that you love him even if you don’t want to admit it........................ And the girls are stuck to him like glue so fix it or prepare for some hurting” he threatens and if it comes to that I would let them have a go at me because I will deserve it.

I am quiet thinking about what Logan has said and its true I Love my little Carmel boy, I can’t imagine my life without him and our girls.

“But I understand where you are coming from Rom, our sweet boys have the ability to make you go crazy and do things out of your head, I am the perfect example of it.......................................... Caleb hates my very soul and want to kill me every time he sees me, but he is mine spit fire and all and I will not give him to anyone, so we have to fight for what is ours bro” he says the last part with hurt and determination in his voice, gesturing over to Caleb and my sweet baby.

“Your cutie is angry and hurt, who wont be after what you did? And if we were not in the Hospital I would have punch you in the face, but you have to stand by him no matter what, he loves you too I can see it and will need you in these days especially with Simone .................” he trails of as the doctor comes out, a tall slim good looking man, we all rush over to him including Alex and Gabe who just showed up.

“Mr. Steele your niece had a hard hit to the head when she fell that is what cause her to loose consciousness, I run a complete body scan (M.R.I) there is no internal damage, but she did loose a lot of blood, all of it was from the blow to her head, head wounds tends to bleed a lot” the doctor stop a bit and a feel a warm body push up to mine, my heart swell with joy when he press his body against me, he is shaking but he is not letting go of Samantha and she of him.

The doctor look us over and begin talking again “She will need blood because we have to perform a surgery on her broken arm, the break is in two places at the bone neither of the brake is at the joint so we have to do the surgery to correct it” the doctor says this in a professional tune, but his eyes keep going back to my Cay every few seconds.

Ignoring it, I focus on my little angel inside that emergency area “Doctor Simms just do what needs to be done, the cost is not a problem, just take good care of my niece” I am looking directly at him as I say this semi wrapping my arms around my baby.

I will spend all the money they want if its to get my niece back on her little feet smiling and enjoying her innocence the way she is suppose to.

I am her uncle and my sister trusted me with the care for her girls and I messed up big time, I was suppose to give her the best care and look where my messing up today got her.

I am not kicking myself yet because I need to look out for Cay and Samantha; never in my life had I mess up the way I did today and God and Karma are taking their pound of flesh out of me.

The doctor nods “I know that Mr. Steele the problem is your niece has a rare blood type O- and she needs someone with the same blood type to give her the transfusion, we have O+ in the Hospital but we are a little hesitant giving her the blood of a complete stranger so are you willing to give the blood Mr. Steele? Ask the doctor,

“Doctor if I could I would but my blood type is AB- I can’t give her blood but I...............” before I finish what I was going to say I am interrupted,

“Doctor I have O- blood I will give however much you need, that is if its alright with Mr. Steele” says my baby softly, the doctors nods everyone looking at me expectantly,

“Cay you don’t have to ask me that, I know you adore the girls and will do anything for them, thank you so much baby” leaning down I kiss his nose and he did not flinch away, but he steps back quickly, once again I feel cold but I did not let my disappointment show, at least he allowed me to touch and kiss him.

He kiss Samantha and murmur soft words of reassurance to her and handed her over to me, she begins to fret just he moves away, he is at my side in nano seconds to calm her down

“Sammy Yan yan is going to help Mone ok, so be good for me I will be right back” he says this softly kissing her cheeks and ruffling her curls, then he walks away going with the doctor.

I watch him as he walks and just before he enters the room he turn around and look at me for what seems like eternity then he turn and walk inside, and in that moment I felt like everything was over and my heart splinter in a million pieces.

But I will stay firm, and fight for my love with everything I have, my fear of  him leaving pushed me to commit the worse mistake a man can make and until my dying I will never give up on him.

I wont stop until he looks at me again with love and trust shinning in his eyes.

Cayan’s Point of View:

Sitting next to the crib of my baby girl in this hospital, its already been a day since we been here and I can’t stop myself from feeling guilty for her being here, I feel numb inside, who would have thought that yesterday was going to turn out so terribly wrong, everything had started out so good and just as if the world had shifted everything went from bad to worse.

I never understood my mom’s saying of ‘When it rains it pours’ well yesterday I understood it for the first time, because bad things pour down on us with full force yesterday.

And now that I think about it more clearly I am partly the blame for it, if I had been more firm and secure in what I was doing with Roman, I should have put a stop to some of his monopolistic ways from the very beginning and we would not be here sitting in a hospital with my little angel hurt and recovering from a surgery.

She looks so small and defenseless just laying there without her usual bouncing, squealing laughing self, she is always the one talking nonstop while I am cooking or when we are playing together, she is so full of joy and energy always taking her sister under her wings pulling her out of her shell and taking care of her.

They are very close and yesterday Samantha showed just how much, she did not sleep until after the surgery and she was able to see her younger twin, and just she touch her they needed more connection so she slept with her in the crib.

They are both here now, their hands link together breathing in sync, not letting go of each other, also I can’t move away from the bed because crying and screaming begins, last night I when to the bathroom to wash my face and change out of the bloody clothes and as I was looking at all the deep bites on the side of my neck, shoulder and collar bone.

And screams had filled the air, I had rushed back and Samantha was looking around frantically for me while Simone just whimper my name in pain, Roman had tried calming them down but they were having none of it, they wanted me and I had to take care of them, their fear was due I suppose to waking up in an unfamiliar surroundings.

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