Chapter 34

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My heart is practically beating out of my chest by the time I stand in front of Nixon's door. I take a deep breath. I can do this, I'll just apologize as fast as I can before he starts yelling at me again. If he immediately starts screaming at me when he opens the door I will  blurt it out and get it over with. Just as I've built up the strength up to open the door it swings open all by itself. Seth's handsome face greets me, two cardboard boxes stacked in his arms.

His blonde brows pinch in confusion. "Why didn't you call me?"

Okay, not who I was expecting to see open the door but definitely a welcome surprise. "Hey, I didn't expect you to be here."

Seth sits the boxes down by the door. "Nixon called and told me to come get your stuff because he didn't want you back in his room. What the hell happened? You didn't even call me, you know I would've done this shit for you."

I take a step back at his tone and have to remind myself of the horrible things I've said to Nixon, things he most likely repeated to Seth. He's just upset for his best friend. "Well I'm sure Nixon told you what happened and you've obviously already formed your own opinion which was the sole reason I didn't call you, but-"

"What the fuck Ryan, I've obviously formed my own opinion and that's why you didn't call me? What the hell am I suppose to think when he calls me, pissed might I add, demanding I get your boxes and to tell you to keep Knox's name out of your mouth? You should've had me pack your stuff up for you and this argument would have never happened."

My mouth falls open. "Argument? All I did was come here to get the rest of my stuff so I never had to step back inside this dorm room ever again and in comes Nixon high off his ass and ready to go. Yeah, I fought back but I'm not a rug Seth. I'm not going to lie down and let him stomp all over me. What I said was fucked up but I didn't know the real story."

He crosses his sweatshirt clad arms across his chest, the same chest I had my head pressed against when I woke up this morning. "If you never wanted to come back here again why the fuck would you come back an hour after fighting with him, round two?"

Are you serious? Who is this guy in front of me right now? I mean did he really just say that? Maybe Seth and Nixon are more alike than I originally thought.

I take a deep breath and try to center my thoughts on the exact reason why I came back here in the first place, arguing with Seth about his best friend will get me no where. "Is Nixon here?"

He huffs and has the audacity to roll his eyes. "No, he left after he called me. I'm guessing he knew you'd be back and didn't want to fucking deal with it."

I sigh. "You know what Seth, put my boxes in the hall and I'll get them to my new dorm, then you don't ever have to worry about me upsetting your best friend ever again." With that said I spin around on my heel and stomp to the elevator.

I hope, really hope Seth will call my name before I have a chance to enter the elevator but he doesn't. I slip inside, the doors close without another word and my heart splits right down the middle.

I walk around the block and drop down onto an empty bench, my mind racing. My phone alerts with with a text from Seth asking about my dorm building name and room number. Not feeling like arguing with him even though I just told him to leave them there I text him both, with simple instructions to leave the boxes in the hall by the door. Once I receive a picture of my cardboard boxes sitting outside my new dorm room I head there.

It feels amazing to unlock the door to my new room knowing it's mine. I mean I still have a roommate but anyone has to be a better roommate than Nixon was. When I open the door I'm surprised to see the left side of the room already decorated in mint and gray with pops of purple. A girl with black pin straight hair sits on the bed, an open book in her lap. She looks up at me through black rimmed glasses when I close the door and gives me a small smile.

I give her my own smile. "Wow, I thought I was eager to move in."

She laughs. "My last roommate was a nightmare, I moved all of my stuff in thirty minutes."

I prop the door open and start pushing my boxes inside. "Well my roommate threw a tantrum half way through me packing and made me leave so I was kind of stuck until a friend packed the rest of my stuff and dropped my boxes off."

"Oh the cute blonde guy with the dimples?" She asks.

I nod.

Yeah, definitely the cute blonde guy with the dimples. Although her words have me pausing to think what she must have said to make him smile in order to see those dimples of his, but I push the thought away as I shove the last box in the room and shut the door behind me.

"Yeah, that's Seth."

"I'm Akina Lee, literally everyone calls me by my first and last name."

It is pretty catchy. "I'm Ryan Knightley but everyone just calls me Ryan."

Akina Lee laughs. "I can already tell this roommate situation is going to be worlds better than my previous one."

"Same, but anything has to be better than rooming with Nixon Hyze."

Her mouth falls open. "Your roommate was Nixon Hyze, he is so hot!"

I roll my eyes. Oh god, a Nixon fan.

"He's also an asshole." My mind flits back to my conversation with Kelis. "But he's been through a lot and as much as I hate to admit it, it's understandable. Well most of it I guess."

The words feel foreign leaving my mouth. I never thought I would say them, that's for sure.

Akina Lee gives me a dreamy smile. "I'd comfort him any day."

Akina Lee is a beautiful girl maybe Nixon would go for it. God knows he needs someone to be there for him. I know Kelis wants to but he obviously feels like she's too close to the situation, he needs someone he's not related to. Sexual release would do the guy some good and I don't mean from one night stands. He needs to form a connection, a bond with someone who he can be intimate with and also have a meaningful conversation with. He has to want to heal before that process can even start. Maybe Kelis needs to find him a girlfriend instead of trying to fix him herself.

Akina Lee goes back to studying and I start unpacking. Sure Seth and I had an argument earlier and I still need to apologize to Nixon but Akina Lee is nice so far, maybe things are starting to look up.


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