【15. ᴘᴜʀᴘᴏsᴇ ɪɴ ʟɪғᴇ】

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Freya looked out the window watching Steve and Tony, she had promised Peggy that she would look out for the two of them

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Freya looked out the window watching Steve and Tony, she had promised Peggy that she would look out for the two of them. As soon as Peggy found out that Steve was alive, Freya promised that she would keep an eye on both Tony and Steve. On the two people that matter more than anything, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist pulling into a bare chest "what's on your mind, Freya?" Loki asked making her smile, she let out a little sigh "when Tony was born I promised both Howard and Maria that I would protect him when they're gone, when Peggy got older she made me promise to protect him because she couldn't. Then she found out Steve was alive, she made me promise to watch over and protect him too. Protect the two people who matter most. That's why I'm helping you all, to protect them. It's the only purpose that I have in life anymore." Loki spun Freya around in his arms so that she was facing him "you serve a much bigger purpose in life, maybe one day...if you ever have another...your new purpose will to protect your kid, your family." Freya looked away trying not to let tears spill from her eyes "I'm scared. I'm scared that if I have another kid it will be a repeat of Axelia." Loki titled her head up to face him, she looked him in the eye.

"It won't. You were fragile then, but you're stronger now. You won't make the same mistake you made with Axelia." Loki said making her smile a small bit "there's another problem." Loki furrowed his eyebrows thinking it was serious "what's that?" Freya let out a little smirk "there's only one man who's children I want to carry, problem is I got rid of my ring years ago when I thought he was dead. Now, I don't even know if he'll still have kids with me." Freya shrugged her shoulders but she looked at Loki with a knowing look making him smirk "I would love nothing more than have little people running around with the beauty, strength, goodness and intelligence of their mother." The two both smiled at each other and Freya wrapped her arms around his neck "you know what, emerald eyes?" Loki hummed "what?" He asked Freya pecked his lips "I have a feeling that after this whole Ultron thing, we're gonna be just fine." Freya stated before Loki started kissing her again, the two didn't hear the door open "please not in my house." The voice made them pull apart from each other and they saw Natasha and Clint there "so, you two patched things up now?" Natasha asked teasingly "stop it." Freya said pointing at Natasha who just stuck her tongue out as her and Clint left the room leaving Loki and Freya to burst into a fit of giggles and laughter.


Nick was at the house, it was now dark outside and he was talking with everyone while Laura was watching TV and drawing with both Lila and Cooper, to be honest Lila was constantly running in and out with drawings for Natasha and Freya "Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time. My contacts all say he's building something. The amount of Vibranium he made off with, I don't think it's just one thing." Nick said Loki had his arm around Freya's shoulder as her back was leaned against his side "what about Ultron himself?" Steve asked "oh, he's easy to track. He's everywhere. The guy us multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit. It still doesn't help us get an angle on any of his plans, though." Nick continued as he got himself something to drink "is he still going after launch codes?" Tony asked as he played darts by himself "yes, he is. But he's not making any headway." Nick replied "I cracked the Pentagon's firewall in high school on a dare." Tony stated making Freya raise her eyebrow "you know, Tony, sometimes it scares me how much intelligence is actually in that narcisstic head of yours." She said making Tony just shrug his shoulders at her.

"Well, I contacted our friends at the Nexus about that." Steve looked over at Nick "Nexus?" He asked confused "it's the world Internet hub in Oslo. Every byte of data flows through there. Fastest access on Earth." Bruce explained to him "so, what did they say?" Clint asked as he inspected a dart that he was holding "he's fixated on the missiles. But the codes are constantly being changed." Nick explained "by whom?" Tony asked before three darts went flying past his face landing on the dart board, causing him to look at Clint who didn't even look sorry "parties unknown." Nick said that made Freya have a little think "do we have an ally?" Natasha asked making Freya shake her head "Ultron's got an enemy. That's not the same thing." Freya said as she moved out of Loki's arm and sat at the table "still, I'd pay folding money to know who it is." Nick said Tony leaned against the small entrance near the dartboard "I might need to visit Oslo. Find our unknown." Tony stated "well, this is good times, boss, but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you'd have more than that." Natasha said looking at Nick "I do. I have you. And Freya...my mentor." Nick stated making Freya look at him with a raised eyebrow.

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