【14. ᴀᴜɴᴛɪᴇ ғʀᴇʏᴀ】

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They walked up the porch "what is this place?" Thor asked "safe house

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They walked up the porch "what is this place?" Thor asked "safe house." Tony replied as Clint opened the front door, they all stepped inside "let's hope." Clint said they walked into the living room "honey! I'm home!" Clint called out as he let go of Natasha, a woman walked out holding a couple drawings and some pens Hut stopped when saw everyone "hi." Clint said stepping forward, Freya placed her hand on Natasha's shoulder checking that the woman was okay "company. Sorry, didn't call ahead." Clint apologised the two shared a kiss befotr sharing a hug "this is an agent of some kind." Tony said trying to make up an excuse. Freya smirked at that because she knew it definitely wasn't an agent "gentlemen, this is Laura." Clint said, he only addressed the guys since Freya and Natasha had already met Laura "I know all of your names." Laura said before she let out a small chuckle. The patter of feet were heard approaching fast "ooh. Incoming." Clint warned two kids ran in "dad!" The girl exclaimed as he lifted her up into his arms "hi sweetheart! Hey, buddy." Clint said as he wrapped his arms around his son, kissing both of their heads "how are you guys doing?" Steve gave a strange look to Tony.

"These are smaller agents." Tony said "Tony, just give up." Freya said making Tony nod "did you bring Auntie Nat?" The girl asked getting Natasha's attention "why don't you hug her and find out?" Natasha asked walking forward as Lila ran towards Natasha who lifted the girl into her arms "Auntie Freya!" Cooper exclaimed rushing over, Freya wrapped her arms around the little boy "hey, Coop." Freya said as he hugged him before they ended it "Auntie Freya!" Lila exclaimed jumping up into Freya's arms "hi, flower!" Freya exclaimed as she hugged the girl close before placing her down "sorry for baring in on you." Steve apologised "yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea that you existed." Tony remarked as he looked at the kids then at Laura and Clint "yeah, well, Fury and Freya helped me set this up when I joined. They kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files. I'd like to keep it that way." Clint stated as he looked at everyone, Natasha and Bruce looked between each other "I figure it's a good place to lay low." Freya walked over to Natasha and Laura "I missed you. How's little Natasha, huh?" Natasha asked Laura as she placed her hands on Laura's bump.

"She's...Nathaniel." Laura stated making Natasha lean down "traitor." Freya just rolled her eyes before giving Laura a hug "it's good to see you again, and the kids." Freya said as the two ended the hug making Laura smile.


There was a knock on the bedroom door, Freya looked over and saw Loki there "Barton says that me and you have to share since Stark refuses to sleep in the same bed as Rogers. Don't mind, do you?" Freya shook her head and motioned for Loki to close the door, she sat on the bed knowing that Loki would want to know about earlier "when Wanda warped my mind...she didn't show me my past, or a vision, or something that could never happen. She showed me my greatest fear. I'm scared that one day I will become a monster and hurt the ones I hold most dear that's: Nick, Howard, even though he's dead already, Peggy, Carol, Mar-Vell and you." Freya explained getting Loki's attention befotr Freya let out a deep breath "I've had nightmares about it but this time...this time it was different. Instead of hearing someone shout Freya...I heard a child's voice. A girl's. She screamed mommy. That's never happened before." Loki took Freya's hand in his and ran his thumb across her knuckles "Wanda also warped my mind, she showed me one of the worst things in the world. You and Axelia. Dying. Getting killed. And I just stood there like it was something I wanted to happen, I couldn't save you." Freya looked at Loki with a sad expression.

He sighed moving a bit closer "when you were gone, all I thought about was what would've happened...if I stayed. Like you asked me to. If I hadn't gone to fight because we both knew I had a choice, but I chose the wrong one. Then when I look at you I also think that I'm glad you left, because then you wouldn't have found out who you truly were." Freya smiled at Loki a small bit "Freya, I know you've changed. So have I. You're not the fragile princess I married, but I'm not the innocent prince you one married. We've both changed. Maybe for the better." The next event to follow shocked Loki as he immediately felt Freya's lips on his, Loki wrapped his arm around her waist as Freya moved straddling him. She moved her hands from his neck and into his hair, getting it tangled making Loki growl everytime she accidentally pulled on it, they soon pulled away to breathe "does that mean there's still a chance for us?" Loki asked letting out little pants, Freya looked at him with a smirk on her face "well, you were always the one making the first move. Seems like I beat you to it." Freya got up walking over to her bag and getting out a top, she looked over at Loki who just watched her "hey, emerald eyes. Unless you wanna help you can turn around, what's it gonna be?" Freya had her answer when Loki rushed over.

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