Chapter 25

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''I'm going to kill it''

And with that, he jumps into the abyss of darkness.

''hey wait-'' they called out,

But he was already gone.

Neither of them were in the right state of minds now. Y/N and Jackson had separated, rampaging around and Taehyung was too engrossed in getting revenge.

[Y/N's POV]

Everything was a blur.

Your mind was swimming, drowning in guilt. You hear footsteps rapidly approaching you, but you're not sure.

You stop running, and finally see him. His hooded eyes are glaring down at your wolf form, turning dark in contempt.

''hey you '' a low growl echoes in his words, his usually smooth voice gone low.

Your honey brown orbs simply gaze back, and then you let out a long, mournful howl. Memories of your dead pack, your dead mother, all come flooding back to you, turbulent waves beating sense into you.

That night, hunters had killed your family. You needed to get your revenge on them. But what were you doing instead? Living with vampires, going to school and trying to blend in with humans?

You growl in anger, oblivious he was still present.

You look up at him, and he is charging towards you, his claw like fingers braced to attack you.


Everything after that is a blur.

Your eyes lazily roll open, familiarizing itself with it's surroundings.

Trees. Moon. Darkness.

It had felt like a day, but you were only unconscious for minutes.

Because in front of you, Taehyung was staring down at his bloody hand in disbelief. Slowly, his tongue languidly slips out his mouth to lick the remaining remnants of blood on his fingers.

His eyes widen in incredulity, rushing towards your wolf form. And when he sees your open wound, he can't control his bloodlust.

''you...'' he gasps. ''do you know Y/N?''

He gently licks your wound, a tingling divine ecstasy flowing through his body. ''more...'' he breathes, trying to tame the insatiable thirst. ''Who...are you? Why do you have the same blood as Y/N?'' he asks, failing to resist the urge to lick the wound again.

Your eyes flutter open again, and you immediately feel a burning sensation on your back. The wound was healing.

But unfortunately for you...time had ran out. Sunrise had begun.

Darkness had surrendered to the light, the fiery golden orb ascending up the horizon.

Your bones cracked and twisted, until not a single strand of fur was left on your smooth skin. You were back to your human form, but unconscious.

Taehyung, who had been staring at you in curiosity, now adorned the most dismayed and shocked expression he could muster. His mouth opened and closed in incredulity, and he quickly covered it as a sob escaped his mouth.

''You were Y/N all this time...'' he finally manages to say. Your body was naked, bathed in a rosy glow of sunlight.

And on your back, three claw scratches were visible.

He gazes down at you for a few more seconds, pensiveness laying siege in his fortress like eyes. The hot fire which had once burned in his sparkling ebony orbs had extinguished, now looking as black as his soul.

''I guess we're even now'' he mutters, unbuttoning his coat and throwing it over your clothless body.

And with that, he walks away.


[Jisoo's POV]

After Taehyung had wandered off, the boys spread out to look for him. But what they didn't know, was that I already knew where he was.

I happened to hear Y/N howl nearby, and rushed towards the sound. As I hid behind a tree, I just about made out the figure across her wolf form.


I guess the truth was going to finally be revealed.

That's right...her deception of being a innocent little girl will finally crumble...she thought to herself, satisfied.

I watched everything from afar, how he attacked her, how she transformed, and how he lost all hope and trust in the Y/N he thought he knew.

Clearing my throat, I called out his name so it appeared I was searching for him.

''Taehyung!'' I cried, running towards him. ''What's wrong-'' Taking one glance of the body, I let out a surprised gasp.

''Is that-'' I whispered ''Y/N?''

His expression was dark and unreadable. ''Let's go'' he simply said. 


[No ones POV]

''I don't believe it'' Jin declared, shaking his head. ''Y/N is a werewolf?''

It was 7 AM. They had been awake all night, and after the epiphany of Y/N being a werewolf hit them, they weren't even able to asleep.

Oh, and Jisoo was still here too.

''Are you sure it was her?'' Jimin asked nervously, raking a hand through his hair.

''Now that I think about it, remember when we first bit her? Her blood...'' Hoseok trails of, his eyes squinting in thought.

''Yeah, we fucking drank werewolf blood. Aren't werewolves and vampires meant to be enemies or something?'' Yoongi sniffs.

''Wait, maybe Jackson is a wolf too...'' Jungkook mentions, as Jimin gasps.

''Jackson, he has the same scent as Y/N. Different from humans...yes! They're both wolves!'' Jimin exclaims, nodding as if it all made sense.

''Which is why she went off with him and left us yesterday...she was going to turn for the full moon...'' Namjoon finishes, and they all exchange glances.

Meanwhile, Taehyung was upstairs in his room, and Jisoo had followed him.

''I'm so sorry about Y/N...are you sure you're okay?'' she asks, watching him slide under the covers of his bed. His voice muffled under the covers, he says something inaudible.

Suddenly, he jumps out of bed and sits up, eyes wide. 

''This smells of Y/N'' his raspy voice spoke, and he grabs the blanket and throws it to the ground.

''Shall I wash it...?'' Jisoo inquires, biting her lip. Wait...why was she in Taehyung's bed? Don't tell me...she thought.

''Um, did you guys sleep together? I mean-''

The hooded uncaring expression seeps back into his features. ''stop talking about her'' he demanded, his jaw clenching uncomfortably. She complied, picking up the blanket and leaving for the door.

''Well, if you need any company...'' she twirls her hair. ''I'm here for you. In the platonic way'' she adds smirking, closing the door behind her.

Burying his face into his pillow, he inhales deeply. Your scent still lingered in his bed covers.

''fuck you'' he groans, throwing the pillow onto the ground.

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