【13. ᴍᴏᴍᴍʏ!】

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Pietro stepped forward "ah, yes

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Pietro stepped forward "ah, yes. He's funny, Mr Stark. It's what? Comfortable? Like old times?" Pietro asked looking at the missiles below, Wanda giving him a look that meant shut up "this was never my life." Tony said to himself "you two can still walk away from this." Steve said as he stepped forward "oh, we will." Wanda said with a small smile "I know you've suffered." Freya started but was soon interrupted by Ultron making gagging noises "Captain America. God's righteous man. Frostbite. The woman who went from fragile to just plain cold hearted. Pretending you could both live without a war. I can't physically throw up in my mouth, but..." Loki cut Ultron off "if you believe in peace, then let us keep it." Loki stated, Ultron stepped forward "I think you're confusing peace with quiet." Tony nodded "uh-huh. What's the Vibranium for?" Tony asked trying to distract Ultron "I'm glad you asked that,  becuase I wanted to thicker this time to explain my evil plan." Ultron said before he pulled Tony towards him and Ultron's dummies started attacking the other four. Clint and Natasha were hiding waiting to be attacked or to attack.

Tony then got blasted back before he flew over to Ultron and the two of them went off, fighting against each other while Freya ran over to the Maximoff twins but Pietro quickly disappeared "Wanda, I know you've lost people. Believe I know what that's like, I've lost more than you can know." Wanda didn't say anything she just took a step back, Freya held her hand out "Wanda, please, don't do this. I was like you once, I hated the man that killed my brother and sister. Then I found out it was my father but him and my mother had already been killed by the time I found out, I've also lost some of my closest friends. But there is a better way than hurting innocent people." Freya said as she near Wanda, but quickly gave up as Wanda started attacking her. The two started fighting each other before Wanda hit her in the head with her magic, Freya stumbled back and fell over the balcony as she landed amongst some boxes.

Freya stood up and looked around, she knew this place but couldn't remember exactly where it was. She then looked at the door and opened it, Freya was greeted by a room of carnage. Peggy and Howard both have icicles sticking through them. Carol and Mar-Vell with frostbite all over their exposed skin. Nick Fury with lines of blood streaming from his eyes and mouth. Loki with some sort of spear through him, and then finally...a crib. Axelia's crib. Burnt so badly that no one would've survived. Suddenly Freya was spun round and all of her dead friends and loved ones were surrounding her, she looked at each one "Howard? Peggy?" They looked at her "you did this." Loki stated making Freya look at him "you killed us." Carol said as Freya looked at them all "you were the cause of our death." Peggy stated "who could ever love you?" Loki asked as Freya started to become panicked "who are you compared to the Avengers?" Nick asked "you're a monster." Mar-Vell stated suddenly all of them started saying it, the words were reported over and over again like a record stuck on replay "you're a monster. You're a monster. You're a monster." Freya placed her hands on her ears as they all drew closer "Mommy!" She heard in the distance.

Freya looked behind her and saw Loki there, he was unharmed but she knew that Loki could tell she was scared "come on, let's get you on the jet." They both left the building catching up to the others while Tony went off to control the Hulk.


Freya was sat on the jet as everyone was in silence, most of them were scarred by the things they had seen. Well, the ones who had gotten mind warped that is. Freya stared at the floor as she kept thinking about the vision she had been shown, it was her ultimate fear, the death of her friends and loved ones being caused by her. She feared to think that she could one day harm them. A hand on her shoulder snapped her out of her thoughts, she looked up and saw Loki next to her "didn't mean to scare you. You okay?" Loki speed sitting down, Freya nodded looking at the ground "yeah, um...I'm fine. I don't know, it's hard to explain. I'll tell you when we get to whenever we're going. Where we can be alone." Freya stated making Loki nod, she looked at Clint driving the jet and knew where they were headed.


The jet landed and they got out walking up to a farm, Freya looked around it had definitely changed since she had last visited Clint's family "you up for seeing them again?" Clint asked making Freya nod, she had her brave face on "yeah, I mean, they're harmless. What could go wrong?" Clint walked further ahead with Natasha while Freya lagged behind and walked next to Loki, he gave her a small smile reassuring her that everything was going to be fine.

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