thirty eight

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it has been a month since everything happened between me and david. i haven't talked to him ever since he texted me with natalie's phone. with that, everyone from the vlog squad stopped talking to me too. not because we fought, but i think they "chose" david's side. it's not like i care that much. i see them sometimes at some parties but that's it; and i always run away when i see that david's with them. olivia jade's party for sephora was definitely the hardest. i left that party so early just not to see him. my life was a total mess, but i think in a good way. i was so focused on my job, that this whole not-having-friends-in-la mess didn't bother me that much. i know i'm just pushing feelings away, but that's how everything works for me.

i was currently texting hannah while a random lady did my make up for my sister's wedding.

hannah💋: ugh i really wanted
to go
now i'm sad

phe😋: don't be
i'll send a lot of pics

hannah💋: yes please
your dress is so pretty
i'm like in love

i was going to answer her but the lady told me to stay quiet for a few seconds so she could finish my mascara. i thanked her when she finished everything and got up to put on my dress. i called for jane's name and heard her run to my room. the place where erin and sam were getting married in chicago had a big house for the bride and the groom to get ready. and it also had a beautiful garden with a place for the ceremony and to a well decorated reception.

after she helped me to put on my dress, i put my heels and went to check on my sister. "erin" i called her name and she turned around to look at me. she was so beautiful. it was a simple wedding dress and it was similar to the dress our mom used in 1990 to marry my father. i felt my eyes tearing up as i walked towards her. "oh my god look at you" i cried out.

"don't, i'm gonna cry" she laughed, yanking her head back trying not to cry. "it will ruin my make up" i joined her, gripping her hands. "baby, you look like a princess, i'm so in love" she hugged me tightly.

i didn't notice while i talked to her, but all her four others bridesmaids were in the room. they all had the same dress as mine, but in different pastel colors.

after a couple hours, it was time. erin wasn't nervous like she was this morning and i think that's good. if she gets more nervous it would ruin a lot of things. madison, the maid of honor, and jesse, the best man, were in front of me and sam's random cousin who i was going in with. then we all entered, taking smalls steps. i avoided looking at the guests, because when i did, i saw palo, david's father. i knew they were coming, but i just ignored, like i always do, making me forget that i can't pretend like david's not here too or run away from the reception. and i was afraid that david came with another girl because he marked the plus one option. yeah, i checked it.

when erin entered with my dad by her side, i almost started crying again. god i'm so proud of her. they stopped in front of sam and my dad kissed her forehead before making his way towards his seat. i looked at the almost married couple and watched all the boring stuff that happens in a wedding. the big and goofy smile was glued to my face during the whole ceremony, making me look stupid.

then, it finally ended. sam grabbed my sister's waist gently and placed a small kiss on her lips, mumbling a quiet 'i love you' while everyone cheered behind them. we all left the part where it happened the ceremony and went to the reception part. they all gathered around the table with the escort cards, showing where everyone was going to sit, and i continued to follow my family. we sat by the big table and waited for the rest of the guests. erin and sam left to take some photos at that moment.

my palms started to sweat when i saw toby dobrik approach our table, pushing the chair to sit with us. of course erin did that to me. i looked up when i heard christina call my name. "it's so good to see you!" her beautiful accent made my heart melt. god she's so cute. "wow, you look like a princess" i laughed.

"thanks christina, so do you" i smiled before she turned to go sit at her chair. i didn't look when someone pushed the one beside me cause i was so tense that i could barely move.

but i got even more sweaty when i heard his voice after so long. "hi" he let out quietly. i glanced over at him, meeting his eyes. he was alone, just with his family, as he told me a couple months ago.

i melted all over my seat. i wanted to jump on his lap and hug him so tightly that he couldn't breathe just to say how much i missed him. ugh, i miss everything about him that i can't even describe. "hi" i tried to give him a small smile, but i think i just looked at him with a weird face.

"i missed you" fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! my heart started to pump so fast at that moment. i opened my mouth to answer him when my sister came back. she sat by my other side and i turned to look at her.

she glanced at david with worry eyes. "i'm sorry, i chose the tables before everything between you two happened" she whispered to me.

"it's fine, don't worry" i waved my hand and she nodded. then i felt david's hand go down the table and his fingers met mine, intertwining them together. i couldn't help but smile and blush.

holy shit, this is going to be a long fucking day.

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