Dream Thief

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I recall the flowers bloom, 

the ethereal power vanquishing the gloom,

the petals dancing in the sun like a flame;

and then you came.

With empty eyes, devoid of feel

you marched right in and made me kneel.

Your soul was hidden

and you did the deed forbidden.

Your slender claws

before the flower did pause -

for a mere moment, a detail so slight

I barely caught it in the light.

With ease you grasped the flowers fair;

a sudden silence filled the air.

inside of me, I felt so shattered,

as the light and life so far all scattered.

As soon as you pulled the root,

death began her new pursuit.

Quickly did the plants all dry,

with a silent lullaby.

I watched with eyes so sad and wide

as all I knew with such ease died.

You stood there in all your might,

and with you came the endless night.

I was lost, I had no fate

as all my dreams so grand and great

before my eyes you ravaged,

leaving me alone in a world so damaged.

Now as I sit in sullen misery

my brooding adds insult to injury.

I know I should've acted upon your weakness,

taken advantage of that moment of meekness.

It is too late now

and before me you shall never bow;

you ruined my all in a moment so brief,

crooked dream thief.

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