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Seulgi's car
While driving Seulgi decided to call Irene to ask what she needs.
"Hello Ms. Irene, are you okay?"
"I don't feel so good, can you please come here as soon as possible?"
"Yes, i'll be there in a couple minutes".

Seulgi stepped on the gas as she can clearly here that Irene was not feeling well. In a couple minutes, Seulgi has arrived to the house and ran to Irene's room. As she got closer to Irene, she touched her forehead and felt that she's burning up. She then went to the kitchen, grabbed a towel, and some water.

She placed the towel on Irene's forehead. As thought to herself "who the hell get a fever when hungover?!?".

"I'll be right back Ms. Irene, i'll right in the kitchen to make you some soup" said Seulgi. But Irene did not respond.

SECRET PLACE~ Moonbyul and Wendy
"C'mon, let go"
"We are not following Seulgi!!!!"
"I just want to see her client"
"I'll buy you Samgyupsal?"
"But your driving!" said Wendy as she threw her keys to Moonbyul.

While Moonbyul was driving, Wendy pulled out her laptop and on the screen you can see a light blinking.

"Is that Seulgi?"
"You know i don't know what are you up to, but you better buy me some samgyupsal!!!!!"
"Yea I pinky promise"

Moonbyul parked the car a block away from where Seulgi's tracking device said.
"Ok now what?!?!" said Moonbyul.
"Here wear this" said Wendy as she handed Moon a earpiece.
"What's this!?!"
"It's so we can here her"
"hmmm.... okay"
"Come on let's go to Seulgi and surprise her"

The two started walking to the Bae's residence. As they were sneaking in, they saw Seulgi walked out the kitchen with a bowl of water and a towel.

"Damn she really be babysitting her client" said Wendy with a soft chuckle.
"Ms. Irene is probably sick" said Moonbyul.
"Oh so her name is Irene huh"
"Let's go inside"

But before they went inside the heard from the earpiece that Seulgi was talking to Irene.

"***I'll be right back Ms. Irene, i'll right in the kitchen to make you some soup***"
"So she is babysitting. Hahaha" said Wendy.

The two then went inside the mansion through the window. And just about the two were about to look around, the saw Seulgi walking down the stairs and to the kitchens. But before Seulgi went further in the kitchen she looked back as she felt as if someone was there but shrugged her shoulders and went to make some soup.

Moonbyul and Wendy secretly went up the stairs and went to Irene's room. And they were surprised when the opened the door.
Seulgi was standing there with her arms crossed.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE!?!" said Seulgi with an angry tone.
"HER IDEA" said Moonbyul while pointing at Wendy.
"Ahh so this is Irene" said Wendy.
"She's sick so leave!!" demanded Seulgi.
"Wait weren't you at the kitchen?!?!" Wendy questioned.
"I hope you guys know I have cameras all over this house! I already saw you guys when you were at the window"
"Damn top notch bear" said Moonbyul.
"Ok but can you guys leave?!? I don't want her to see there are more agents here. She already hates the fact i'm here"

Before the two was about to leave Irene has already woken up.
"S-Seulgi... who are those two?!?"
"They're just a fellow coworkers"
"I'm hungry can you cook something, you two can join us if that's okay" said Irene while looking at Moonbyul and Wendy.
"Umm they're gonna lea-..."
"We would love to Ms. Irene" said Wendy.
"Okay I'll be at the kitchen then" said Seulgi while eyeing Wendy.

To be continued...

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