Guardians of Celeste (Keefehugs)

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Reviewer: Keefehugs

Author: Demi_D

Cover: 8/10 

The cover to this book is very unique and attractive. One thing though... The red section of the cover makes the title a little hard to see. I would maybe lighten the red a bit. 

Description \ Summary: 7/10

The description sums the book up pretty well from what I can see. It is a little empty of excitement in my opinion. 


The plot is very exciting and moves along at a good pace. At first the reader is not very aware as to what is happening, but is soon informed. I'm afraid we don't have much description of the characrers, only the twins. This is a very common problem in books I've seen so don't get discouraged :)

Chapter One)

The first thing I noticed is that the first half of the Chapter is pure dialogue. I also have the issue of using too much dialogue without enough action or description, but I think we both know you could do better ;) 

The second half of the Chapter finally introduced some description. It is well written, but it also feels like it is compacted together in the middle. 

The ending to this Chapter leaves questions, which is good. We also get to know the characters better and have a better understanding of the plot. 

Chapter Two)

This Chapter was very interesting, humorous, and much better written than the last. We begin to understand who Skylar is, and why the twins were kidnapped. I do feel that Aiden's personality changed between the chapters, for the better. But we weren't informed what made it change. 

This Chapter was also short, and I believe that we could use a bit more in this chapter. 

Chapter Three)

Honestly I didn't see anything you would need to change in this chapter, besides a few capitalization mistakes. The plot is really moving along well without a single boring spot.

Amazing work

Activity of Writer: 9/10

Writer replies to most of her comments. She also has a good attitude even to discouraging comments, which I find is a beautiful trait that isn't very common. 

Overall Advice:

I think if you could fix the beginning of the first Chapter (Where there is only dialogue) it would really help your story. There are also a few typos along the way.

You have an amazing plot, with great characters. I would for sure continue with this story!

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