'sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ's ᴋᴇᴇɴ'

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*trigger warning- small mention of abuse*

daphne was sat at the bar in the whyte wyrm, it was a risk coming here but she had told her father she was studying late at jughead's. jughead, however stood by the stage in the whyte wyrm, a grin plastered on his goofy face. daphne shot hog-eye some finger guns which he knew was signal for a drink. he slid one down to her and she drank it in one slurp. sweet pea walked over to her, smiling at her presence.

'hey babygirl, havent seen you in here for awhile. everything okay with your dad?' he asked, pulling her into a one armed hug which she returned. the smell of leather and cigarettes fille dher nostrils and she bit her lip at the smell; she really loved it,

'it's okay i guess,' she shrugged remembering last night.

'southside scum,' malcolm spat, kicking daphne's stomach repeatedly. her tears choked her and she gasped for air, begging her father to stop, 'i wish i never met your mother and had you. god i wish you died along with her!' he kicked one last time, harder than before. daphne coughed out, cluthing her black and blue stomach. she needed to escape to somewhere.

sweet pea squinted at her, studying her for any sign of sadness. he failed obviously as daphne was too good at hiding things. he plopped himself on the stool next to her and they chatted for a while.

'i have an announcement to make,' jughead announced, making all the serpents turn to face him. daphne and sweet pea were now leaning against a wall, talking to fangs while toni was sitting on a chair near them. 'my dad's getting out,' jughead said, his mouth twitching into a smile. all the serpents cheered at the thought of their leader finally returning. daphne's stomach flipped at the thought of her uncle- well not real uncle but he might as well be- finally being able to hold her and tell her it will be okay, just like he did when her mother passed away. the cheering died down and jughead continued,

'when he does, i'll bring him up to speed about our plans with mayor mccoy,' he looked around at his family and a few muttered,

'that's brilliant,' tall boy spoke out, placing his drink down on the table and turning to face jughead. daphne's body tensed as her hands balled into fists, her patience with tall boy was really wearing thin,

'you got a problem with that, tall boy?' jughead asked challengingly. tall boy once again, scoffed

'your old man?' tall boy stood up, squaring up to jughead. daphne rushed to his side, standing just as tall, 'no.i got no problem with him. but you want us to sit down with the mayor.' tall boy spat and jughead nodded along,

'i do. he's right,' he turned to daphne and all of the younger serpents before continuing, 'i think we can bring the southside back. but its gonna take work,' sweet pea and toni exchanged a look at the same time fangs and daphne did, 'and its gonna take compromise.' daphne smiled up at the jones' boy, proud of him for taking his father's place,

'we can bring back the southside,' tall boy laughed in jughead's face,'you've been here all of five minutes' daphne's body tensed at tall boy's arrogance and she found herself angry at every word,

'tall boy, i am sick of you acting like a little bitch,' daphne yelled powerful enough to cause the older serpent to step back a bit, ' whsipering behind jug's back that he's half a serpent or doesn't belong here. jug's more of a serpent than you'll ever be,' she crossed her arms and looked the man up and down. a wold whistle emerged from the crowd, followed by some more and then some more. the first whistle was by sweet pea, who smirked at the shorter girl. she smirked back and then faced jughead.

'why dont we put it to a vote?' many serpents looked taken aback by jughead's decision, especially sweet pea and daphne, ' if you guys think what im doing is wrong, ill step aside.' he finished and looked around. toni stood and did the same,

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