Tour Troubles

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"I'll be back," Justin said as he kissed Shawn on his forehead. Shawn was sitting on the edge of Justin's bed in disappointment and trying his hardest not to cry as his brother packed up for tour.

"I don't want you to go." Shawn said in a low tone with his arms crossed over his chest in frustration.
He looked down at his feet and kicked them slightly, de-poofing his cheeks in the process.

"I know," Justin murmured gently, sliding his music journal into his suitcase. Shawn looked over at his brother and at the suitcase and huffed, causing Justin to smirk a little.

"You look so cute, you're tempting me to pinch your cheeks." Justin cooed at the pouting teen. Shawn's eyes met Justin's, "If you do, will you stay?" Shawn asked in sincerity, "you can even throw in a wedgie," he mumbled less enthusiastically, however in this moment he was willing to offer anything to keep his big brother with him.

"Whoa, a whole wedgie? Hmm I don't know man, that's a good offer," Justin laughed to himself and crouched down, folding some of his clothing so it'll fit inside of the luggage, "I'm gonna have to pass, Shawnie. I mean it sounds fun, but I gotta go." He explained as he looked over one shirt and sniffed it to make sure it was clean.

"What about two?" Shawn urged. Justin simply shook his head no and gave Shawn a big brotherly grin. "I'm glad you're happy about wedgies now, I'll remember that when I come back. Boy we're gonna have some fun," Justin smirked evilly and snickered at Shawn's steadily warming face.

"No! You don't get to give me anymore wedgies if you leave me," Shawn retorted back as he crossed his arms and pouted childishly once again which only further amused Justin as he packed.

"I don't think you get to decide that, but like I said I'll be back and we'll be able to FaceTime while I'm gone." Justin reassured while stretching. Shawn wasn't too reassured about that comment, knowing Justin was gonna be gone for almost a year.

"It's not the same," Shawn mumbled in a low, disappointed tone as he grabbed Justin's "play glasses" off of the table and put them on his face, leaning against the bed railing.

It was quiet in the room as Justin kept putting his things up and making sure he had everything he needed for tour. Shawn on the other hand got more and more upset as the minutes went by. He was whimpering quietly as he sat on the bed and tried his hardest not to cry.

He was of course failing at that. Tears slipped down his face and fell onto his pants as he sniffled quietly. Justin didn't hear the sniffles or whines due to the fact he was focused and he was able to drown out Shawn's whining after awhile anyways.

Shawn got up and got behind his brother, crouching down on his knees and burying his face into Justin's neck, smelling his hair products because of his hair being in the way.

"Don't l-leave me, J-justy." Shawn whimpered brokenly, crying. He started crying audibly into Justin's shoulder. Justin felt his heart break and he reached behind him, rubbing Shawn's back gently.

"Don't cry, sweetie." Justin then grabbed Shawn's arm and pulled him in front of him, into his lap. Justin wrapped both arms around him and kissed the crying teen's cheek. "Shhh," he murmured, holding Shawn close while he cried.

"I said I'll be back, you act as though I'm dying or something." He murmured in Shawn's ear, rubbing his back. Shawn started to hiccup from his crying and continued to cry, harder. He was having some separation anxiety issues and the fact Justin was about to leave for an entire year wasn't comforting to him.

"Don't go!" He yelled out suddenly. He cried even harder than before, almost on the verge of sobbing. Justin bounced him slightly on his knee, pushing his head further into his neck and patting his back.

"Shawn, baby, you're gonna be alright, that's enough." He said gently even though he was exhausted with Shawn's ear-piercing cries. He didn't want to stress Shawn out anymore than he already was.

"Shawn you're gonna make yourself sick," he commented as Shawn began coughing as a result of his harsh crying. "Breathe in and out with me," Justin breathed in and out and Shawn did the same and then started his tears again. Justin sighed and had them both do it again, but Shawn only lasted a second before his spit went down the wrong way and he started coughing even worse than before.

Justin patted the teenagers back kind of hard to help him out. Shawn sniffled and whined as more tears fell from his face into Justin's neck. "I'm g-gonna miss y-you." He murmured in a sad voice. Justin sighed sadly and kissed the boy's head of hair.

"I'mma miss you too, kid. Please stop crying, I don't want to leave with you like this." He comforted gently and tucked some hair behind Shawn's ear. Shawn was shaking from all the anxiety and crying he was going through.

Justin pulled Shawn's face out of his neck gently and saw the snot and tears. Shawn didn't even bother to be embarrassed, he was upset with his brother's soon departure. Justin grabbed some tissues and wiped his brother's face and nose for him.

Justin then cuddled him close, kissing his face in various places softly and murmuring sweet words to him to keep him from crying as bad as he was before. "No no, don't start crying again, you're okay, big brother's got you," Justin kissed Shawn's cheek yet again.

Shawn sighed and laid his head on Justin's shoulder, exhausted from his anxiety attack.
He sniffled and simply stared at the wall blankly as Justin rubbed his spine and patted his back.

"I know you're upset about me leaving, baby boy. I'm gonna be back and we're gonna do so much stuff together and have cuddle times like this," he snuggled Shawn closer when he mentioned cuddling.

Shawn nodded with a blank expression and kept looking at the wall, he was worried for his big brother because he knew he was going to be taking a plane and he didn't want anything horrible to happen to Justin. Shawn was quietly whimpering for a bit as Justin made click noises with his tongue to calm him down.

"Please don't take a plane," he whimpered and was about to start crying again when Justin shushed him gently and rubbed his back to reassure him that he was going to be okay and that he has ridden plenty of planes before.

Shawn wasn't impressed and began to cry again, Justin began to bounce him up and down and kiss his cheek. "Shhh, no more crying baby." Justin tenderly ran his finger along his brother's cheek.

"I can assure you that I will be fine and will be right back before you know it. Cameron's gonna watch you while I'm gone so behave yourself for him and I'll make sure you FaceTime you every day, okay?" He said gently in Shawn's ear. Shawn didn't want to accept it but he nodded and sniffled, holding tightly to Justin.

Justin kissed him again, "thank you honey," he replied as he began to fold his clothes again as Shawn snuggled in his lap, looking rather sleepy.
Justin looked down and pressed a kiss onto the teenagers hair and finished his suit case.

He looked down again to a sleeping teen in his lap, snoring softly with dried tear stains on his face. Justin cooed at him and rocked him gently, singing in his ear softly.

"I promise I'll be back, baby boy." He whispered as he kissed his brother's face tenderly and snuggled him close as Shawn continued to snore.

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