Part 12

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P.S- guys a request to u all to read the parts a little slow! I mean I know i update once in a while but that doesnt meant u have to read it in a go. 😅😅😅 Well my story is more scene based and this is what I love to write.. so would request you all to read it slow and feel the scene more than the story... I mean story is important too!😆😆😅 But u get my point.. so hope u all enjoy

P.P.S- I am so ignorant that I had this ready in the drafts from past 3-4 days and didn't post it thinking I did!😂😂😂 Well now I realised and here u go...

Her breathe was heavy and non rhythmic... She was rooted to her spot. Their First Kiss?! Her heart questioned and her mind was also in it together

Looking at her surrendering eyes he to felt weak in his knees, She looked angelic in his hold. The vibes he felt from her were soothing, the heavy to and fro of her chest was enticing as it brushed slightly to his chest when ever she gasped suddenly..

Her doe eyes seeking something within him.. Looking for his move? His eyes seeking for her permission.. He was in a fit, whether to go with the flow or hold his grounds... He can't just go weak in his knees just with her mere look! 'but you just did' his heart mocked

He blinked his eyes forwarding slowly leaning into her his hand slid down her back, seductively slow that her breathe hitched!... His other hand went from the side of her neck gliding his palm on the back he angled her face a bit. A gasp escaped her lips with a slight moan which twitched the dominant within him.

She held his gaze her eyes frequently moving from his lips to his eyes, and when she saw him looking at her lips she felt everything within her halting just to witness this moment...

His body has that unusually calming warmth that always strings something deep within her.

When they were cm's apart she closed her eyes just to get dissolved in the moment.

She waited waited and waited but all she could feel was his breathe on her lips and her thudding heart which was echoed, she realised it was his heartbeats to which were thudding hard.

After several seconds of patience she opened her eyes impatiently

His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy through his mouth.

He jolted back to reality and slowly withdrew himself off her, his gaze back to her eyes.. He gulped an amount of breathe, wet his lips and again was calming his heavy breathe

She was so confused, this moment felt real, perfect. But looking at his gaze she felt something in her belly, the look was different it was more than what she saw few seconds ago!

"I think we should sleep now" he said and moved away.

Her eyes were glued to his retreating figure, she leaned on the fridge at the back and sighed 'If only she could read what he was thinking!' His eyes! They told her something which she knows but was oblivious for now, and for now sleep is what she has to get after her husbands this bold move, her husband! She sighed.


Morning, 10.20 Am

Karan was surfing on his laptop while Tripura sat with her phone trying to get back some contacts from social media.

She threw furtive glances at him, he had these reading glasses on, which made him more attractive to her!

"Hello!!" The voice came in with the person

Both of them looked up and radhika came in with a smile

Tripura got up her seat and greeted her

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