A Visit Home

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Back To You

Chapter 4: A Visit Home

By: Dame Rose Tyler

A/N: This is a revise chapter!!!

Yes, I know I've been out of the update loop for a little while, but I had my computer stolen, and with it all of the chapters I was working on.. So in short it may take me a little while to get over it and find the creativity I seem to have lost with my laptop… Luckily the home insurance bought us a new one,. So updates are going to start again now, hopefully at least once a week. This particular chapter may be revised at a later date… Depends on your response to it.. so without further a due.. Here it is, chapter four.


Last Time when we left Rose…

"I know what you're thinking Rose. It's not as bad as you think; you'll understand it all when the council reveals the prophecies to you." Rose smiled slightly and waved goodbye to Romana as she started the dematerialization process.

"I'll be back in a few days your time k? By then I should have a companion for the council to meet. If you need me before I return you have my number."

Romana smiled and closed the Tardis door.

"Rose, you'll heal in time, just give it a chance." She knew Rose was missing her family, she also knew that was the first place she was going to go. Into the past when she wasn't there to see her mother, all Romana could do now was hope Rose would find what she needed to in herself before she met the up with the Doctor again.

And now on with the story!

Rose sat in her jump seat thinking of the council's decision and things past. The scope of it was the fact she knew they were right in their decision; she needed to see the world for herself before she returns and joins the doctor. The idea of showing her own companion the universe was slightly appealing when she really thought of it.

Rose reached into her suit pocket and pulled out her own sonic screwdriver, she had already gone with Romana to acquire so many things to be like the Doctor. Rose gasped in realization; they wanted her to be her own person, to find the strength in herself. Now she knew for sure it was a good idea, it was time to find this companion of other worldly origins, right after she finished with her mother. Rose cringed, she loved her mother but at this point she could see why the Doctor was so set on limiting their visits. The Tardis hummed to life, notifying Rose that they had landed on the Tyler estate.

Rose sighed and walked over to the railing by the door, grabbing her jacket she marched down the ramp and threw open the doors. Before she could even take three steps Jackie, Mickey and Pete were all standing before her.

"Rose! Oh my sweet child your finally home!" Rose hugged her mother and smiled.

"Yeah that's me, home to the family for a break." Jackie frowned.

"What do you mean home for a break?"

"I have to go back and finish my final tests for Tardis flight, I'm just taking a sabbatical to see the universe."

Mickey couldn't help it and just laughed.

"Good to see you again Rose, I see not only have you taken to dressing like the Doctor, you've developed his sense of humor as well." Mickey held out his arms and waved her into a hug.

"Glad you came to visit. So how long you staying and what are are you doing next?" Rose smiled, same old Mickey.

"About a week, then it's off into the universe in search of a plus one to scare and put into mortal danger.' Rose clapped her hands together and laughing in a mockingly evil way.

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