Chapter One - Introductions

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"So, you have all volunteered to be here. You will be starring in our exclusive movie set on a small manmade island. I hope you all read your forms properly or I'll have to explain all of this. I'm guessing that since your here that you didn't read it. What is happening is that you have just signed yourself over to me for the next six months. I will be filming your every move you won't see us but we will be there. If you get blown up, you get blown up. If you get shot, you get shot. We will try our hardest for you not to die but we shall not intervene not even in the most extreme cases of violence. There will be food available but not enough to feed the 21 people who applied for long. When this is all over, that is when there is only two of you left, they decide what happens then, if they choose for this to end then they are let free and the movie is released in stores around the world. But there is the chance that you could all survive this whole thing and then I will pay you all, there won't be much food to share but it will be possible if you think right. Everyone involved on my side will afterwards be arrested and if you have broken the law of murder or any other crime you may be arrested too. That is basically the rules now let's all meet each other. Name, age, where you're from and a little about yourself please." Such manners for such a twisted man. "I'll start, I'm Steve, I'm 41, I come from Devon, moved over to Jamaica and then came back to Scotland broke recently. This movie is my way forward to make money and to start a new life. People will see the great in my reveal of what people will do under pressure. Right, that's all you get to know so now...we'll go from left to right, the girl with the pink jacket your first."

"I don't want to do this anymore. Please, let me leave!"

"You never read the small print child! Let that be a lesson to you! Name. Age. Where you're from and a little about yourself..."

"I'm Kaila, I'm 19, from London and I work as a journalist."

"That's alright I suppose, the girl that's next to our Kaila, you're up and just continue from there on till you get to the man at the other end of the room."

"I'm Hannah, 32, Glasgow and I'm a mechanic."

"I'm Michael, 41, Texas and I'm a pub singer."

"I'm Lisa, 24, Aberdeen and I'm a waitress."

"Nobody is telling a little about themselves, a job isn't you! From now on tell me about you!"

"Ok then, I'm Archie, I'm 18, I come from Aberdeen and I'm unemployed or if you want to be personal, I'm trying to become a published author and I volunteer for charity. I was dragged into this mess by my boyfriend here so I'm really not that happy, this feels like one of those alcoholic meetings and I think you're a very twisted man. That better?"

"Yes, I like you Archie! You're the best here so far, you have a unique name too, Archie isn't common in girls. So I'm guessing this is your boyfriend next. You better be as good as her."

"I'm Calum, I'm 20, I live in Aberdeen with Archie but I come from Glasgow. I'm still in college but work part time in a cinema selling tickets to underage kids who want to see the 18 movies and I also volunteer occasionally if I have the time to. Me and Archie have been together since she was only 14, I know that's only 4 years but from teenager to adult at least but I think this could possibly be the end of us."

"I'm Ethan, I'm 34, I live in Aberdeen, and I'm a P.E. teacher. I used to actually teach Archie here and I maybe vaguely recognize Calum but I'm not sure about him. My wife just died of Cancer and yes, I did read the small print. That is why I'm here."

"I'm Marissa, I'm 20, I live in Edinburgh but only moved there recently as I also used to go to school with someone else here but it was Calum, we never really got on too well so this should be interesting. I work in a tattoo parlour in Edinburgh. I have 5 tattoos of my own all symbolizing a different stage of my life. The most meaningful to me is the writing down my arm which was my first when I was 18. 2 years I've already gotten 5."

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