Chapter 7:You Can't Change the Past

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Okay so now after 8 years it's time for Liam to face his former family! How will Liam react and behave when the presence of his past tormentors? How will the Rose Family react to how Liam has changed?
Liam didn't know why, but he suddenly got a chill down his spine after Yang and Ruby left for Ozpin's office. "Why do I have a bad feeling that today is going to go to hell?" Liam thought to himself as he continued to walk with his team and his sister's team. "Would Liam Nikos report to my office." Ozpin said over the loudspeaker as Liam stopped walking. "I don't like where this is going Liam." Neo's sign types out as she had a worried look in her eye and she tightens her grip on his arm. "Big Brother I should go with you, I also have a bad feeling about this." Pyrrha said as she stepped closer to her brother.
Liam thought about it for a while before he nodded his head. "Alright Pyrrha you come with me, Neo go back to the dorm with Zane and Kairi. If we are gone for to long come to Ozpin's office Alright?" Liam asked as his girlfriend nodded before walking away with Zane and Kairi. "Hey Liam, Pyrrha be careful alright?" Jaune said as Pyrrha smiled at him before giving him a hug. "Don't worry Jaune everything should be just fine." Liam said as he gave Jaune a reassuring smile before grabbed Pyrrha's hand and they sunk into Jaune's shadow. "Be carful guys." Jaune whispered before he walked away with Nora and Ren.

"Where is he Ozpin? Where is my little boy?" Summer demanded as she began to get impatient while looking at the elevator. "Summer please be patient, I'm sure Mr. Nikos is on his way." Ozpin said as he tried to calm her down. "His last name is Rose Ozpin, not Nikos!" Summer growled as she shot a quick glare at him over her shoulder before looking back at the elevator. Glynda stayed silent with Ozpin, but on the inside she was seething. "Liam forsake that name a long time ago Summer, don't act like you didn't torture the boy for the first ten years of his life!" Glynda thought as she tightened the grip on her riding crop.
"Alright Professor I'm here, what did you need from me?" Liam asked as he and Pyrrha climbed out of Ozpin's shadow. The Rose Family whipped around and stared at Liam in shock and joy. "My little boy!" Summer cheered as she tried to hug him, but Liam stepped out of the way. "S-Sweetie?" Summer whimpers our as she felt tears start to prick her eyes. "Summer Rose with all do respect could you please refrain from invading my personal space." Liam said casually as Pyrrha stayed silent as she walked to her brother's side. "Liam that's your mother." Tai said as he looked at Liam in shock.
"No Taiyang Xiao Long, my mother is Diane Nikos and my little sister is Pyrrha Nikos." Liam said as he wrapped his arm around Pyrrha's shoulder and pulled her close. "Liam your sisters are Ruby and Yang, not that girl." Raven said as she glared at Pyrrha with her hand on her sword. "Raven Branwen I believe you are mistaken, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long have never been any sisters of mine, just like how Summer Rose isn't my mother." Liam stated as he calmly looked back at Raven like he could care less. "Kid ever since you were kidnapped we've been looking for you. So would you stop messing around and just be happy already." Qrow said as he took a drink from his flask.
Liam froze at his words, he couldn't be serious could he? "Happy? Is that really how I'm supposed to feel when seeing the people that tortured me for the first ten years of my life?" Liam asked as he glared at Qrow in anger. "Son what are you talking about? We were devastated when you were kidnapped!" Tai said as he tried to approach Liam, but was stopped by Way to the Dawn being pointed at him. "You know Ruby and Yang at least had the decency to admit to what they did, but here you are lying as if you never did anything wrong." Liam said darkly as he still pointed his Keyblade at Tai. "W-What are you talking about son?" Tai asked nervously as he glanced at Ozpin.
               "There's no point in lying Taiyang I've known the truth for six years now." Ozpin said as the entire Rose family looked at him in shock. "Are you telling me that you found our son six years ago and you didn't tell us? How dare you Ozpin!" Summer shouted as she glared at the professor. "Well Summer I was going to arrange for him to be returned to you, but at the mention of your family Liam had a complete breakdown! After he had already been through so much in the two years he was controlled by Ansem, I thought he would be happy to see his family." Ozpin paused as he waited for the Rose Family to speak up.
                  When he didn't get an answer of any kind, Ozpin decided to continue. "I must say that I've never seen a child so terrified, he dropped to his knees and begged me not to send him back to you." Ozpin said as he glared at the Rose Family as he took a sip from his coffee mug. Summer looked at Liam with tears in her eyes as she shakily took a step toward him. "Liam I know we made a horrible mistake, but please give us a chance to make things right!" Summer pleaded as she dropped to her knees as she finally broke down completely. "Big Brother please just give us a chance to make things right!" Ruby pleaded as she joined her mother on the ground.
                      Liam looked at them in disbelief and disgust, did they really just beg for forgiveness? "I told you once already Ruby, you can't change the past. I swear Zane was right to tell me to runaway, you people almost killed me! Also a mistake Summer? Spilling a cup of coffee is a mistake, dropping a dish while washing it is a mistake. Ten years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse is no mistake." Liam said as he glared at the Rose Family as he felt his hands start to shake, but kept his composure as best he could he knew that freaking out wouldn't help at all. Liam saw Yang's eyes turn red, this should be good.
"What the hell is wrong with you?! Summer and Ruby throw their hearts to you and you just shrug it off?! Don't just ignore their feelings like that!" Yang yelled as she glared at Liam as he simply tilted his head with a confused look on his face. "Ignore? You mean like how you ignore my screams of pain or me begging for mercy? I suppose your right I am being unfair to all of you." Liam said calmly as Yang's eyes went back to their normal color as she and the rest of the family looked down in shame. Suddenly the elevator door opened as a head of pink and brown hair tackled Liam into a hug.
                     Liam smiled down at Neo as he gently pet her head as he returned the hug happily. "Thanks for showing up Ice Cream Cone, I was starting to get severely stressed out!" Liam said with a chuckle as Neo smiled up at him. "Sweetie who is this?" Summer asked in confusion and slight anger at the new arrival. Suddenly Neo's sign floated in front of Neo before it began to type. "I'm Neo, Liam's girlfriend and teammate. May I just say how dare all of you hurt him! He is sweeter then any Ice Cream in all of Remnant!" Neo's sign finished typing out the message as Summer got angry at her words.
                  "Liam as your mother I demand you break up with this girl! You can do much better then a mute like her!" Summer barely got the last part out before Way to the Dawn was pressed against her throat. "You are not my mother! Your judgement means nothing to me! So for the last time leave me alone you stupid whore!" Liam shouted as he glared at Summer, who had tears forming in her eyes. Liam was suddenly sent sliding back as he had just been cross the face by Tai. "Don't talk to your mother like that you little bastard!" Tai shouted as he glared at Liam. Although Tai had a look of horror on his face when he realized what he just did.
"S-Son I'm sorry." Tai said as he took a step forward only to have a blade from the top of Neo's umbrella pointed at his throat. "Stay the hell away from him you monster!" Neo's sign typed out as she glared at him before turning to hug Liam. Liam was shaking and in tears as the memories resurfaced from all those years ago. Neo cupped Liam's face gently as not to hurt the hand print that was on it. Neo then pulled Liam into a gentle kiss that helped stop his body from shaking. "Professor Ozpin I'll be taking Liam back to our dorm now if that's alright." Neo sign typed out as she began walking Liam to the elevator.
Summer tightly gripped Neo's shoulder as she walked past, stopping her in her tracks. "Where did you think your going with my son?!" Summer demanded as she glared at Neo angrily, who just slapped her hand away. "Far away from you sick and twisted people! Liam tried to be respectful to you monsters and look what it got him, trauma that's all you caused him!" Neo's sign typed out before the two entered the elevator and began the to make its way down. Ozpin sighed before turning to face the Rose Family once again.
"Mr. Goodwitch you can come out of hiding now." Ozpin said as Zane stepped out from behind a pillar. "I have words for you bastards! Ten fricken years of torture and all of a sudden you come back asking for forgiveness?! Do you know what it's like to have your best friend visit you every night and for him to be completely broken?! I swear you want another chance, he gave you ten years worth of chances and you wasted them all! So for once listen and stay the hell away from Liam!" Zane shouted as he summoned the Kingdom Key and pointed it at all of them.
"Wait your Glynda's kid, doesn't that make your first name Zane?" Qrow asked as Zane simply nodded as Summer got angry. "Your the one that told my little boy to run away, this is all your fault!" Summer shouted as the rest of the Rose Family started yelling at him. "SILENCE!" Ozpin shouted as the entire room shook from his yell. "I have had it up to here with all of you! You come here demanding that the boy you tortured forgive just because you say sorry? I can't stand it, if this continues I will be forced to ban you from school grounds and have Ruby and Yang expelled!" Ozpin finished as he glared at the Rose Family I'm anger.
Glynda walked up to Summer and Tai before slapping them both across the face. "That's for hurting my nephew!" Glynda shouted as she glared at the two of them. "Your not his aunt I am!" Raven shouted as she tried to attack Glynda only to be slammed against the wall by Zane's telekinesis. "Now I best call Miss Nikos and Liam's uncle before his condition gets any worse. As for all of you get the hell out of my office." Ozpin said darkly as the Rose family hung their heads before leaving the room. "Pyrrha go to your brother it would be the best option." Ozpin said as Pyrrha got off the scroll with her mother. Although this won't be the last time the Rose family tries to talk to Liam.

Alright so now Tai has just made the situation even worse then it was before! Will Neo be able to calm Liam down? Will Pyrrha and her mother be able to help Liam? And what does the Rose family plan to do? Find out next time!

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