Chapter 14: Squirrel

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feb 22, 2019


Minho still decided to come. He's persistent so no one could do anything about it. We all arrived at the forest where Younghyun said he found his youngest brother– or did he really find him?

It's already 6 in the evening and we've been in the forest for an hour already. The brother that Younghyun mentioned is still nowhere to be found.

"You've been gone for 2 months and now what?" Minho exhaled heavily as if he's trying to contain himself. His hands are already formed into a fist but fortunately, Seungmin's by his side– restraining him from what he's planning to do. I could only stare.

I mean– I don't care.

"I just found him here, okay? I'm sorry I don't know if he comes here everyday." Younghyun shrugged his shoulders, smiling sheepishly. He's the oldest among of us but he definitely doesn't seem like it.

As if on cue, a rustle from the leaves became audible and the presence of a stranger became distinct. At least for me, I think. I don't know if everyone else feels what I feel.

"He's here," Younghyun whispered to us.

No need for whispering. He's probably already seen us.

"Oh wow, I didn't expect company..." A muffled sound filled our ears and I swear, I almost screamed when I finally saw him. He is that guy from the alley...

"A SQUIRREL?" Minho exclaimed, pointing at the guy whose cheeks are filled with who knows what.

He does look like a squirrel.

Squirrel guy looks a lot like Younghyun, probably even more if he gets rid of whatever he stuffed into his cheeks.

Finally, he swallowed the food that he stored in his cheeks and stared at us with an unreadable expression. He moves his gaze to each one of us until it stops on Younghyun. His gaze darkened.


"Asshole," Squirrel guy spat and punched Younghyun square on the face but then suddenly, he engulfed him in a hug. Everyone was caught off guard. Okay he just pulled off a real tsundere act there.

"Are you okay?" Younghyun asked the blonde one, eyebrows furrowed in confusion but he hugs back.

"Hyung! I missed you!"


"What happened to the hate?" Minho asked no one in particular. What? Is he really a sadist? Does he want everyone to hate his big brother?

Blonde one pulled away and stared at Minho, squinting his eyes slightly. "Are you... Minho hyung?"

"And you are...?"

"He's Jisung. Our little brother," Younghyun answered for the guy. "He's supposed to hate me. I don't know what happened."

"I grew, of course," Jisung said, chuckling. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his hoodie and smiled but then that smile immediately dropped when his eyes landed on mine. "You..."

Minho glances at me with a puzzled expression on his face then back to his younger brother. "You know her?"

"He really doesn't..." I said and awkwardly laughed but luck's not by my side today or it was never by my side.

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