Chapter 4 Surprise Motherfucker

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Chapter 4

Surprise Motherfucker

Alexia's POV

I was at a loss for words, because I was overjoyed. Maybe I'll get to know him better. I guess at this point, you even might consider me a Slayer fangirl. I was lost in thought until Trey lightly slapped my back.

"You ok?" He asked and I nodded.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought." I say.

"If you say so." He said and I nodded with a smile.

After breakfast we left to go back to our respective rooms. Except I went to the training instead of my room. Reason was, slayer left me a note telling me to.

My guess was, it was to assess my skill. Thankfully, I wasn't that off.

"Hello?" I yelled in the huge dark room. "Maybe he isn't here?" I said to myself in honest confusion. Then again Slayer doesn't talk.

I suddenly felt a massive rush of wind behind me and I instantly dodged to the right.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" I demanded angrily.

"Demons won't wait or fight fair." Slayer said with a blank face.

"Damn, your intense." I said and Slayer simply stared at me with his endless rage filled eyes.

I sighed and drew my dual swords, in case it isn't obvious I'm a Blade. Slayer readied his sword. Most people use two hands when wielding a katana, but Slayer only used one.

I rushed him and he super easily deflected my attack and hit me lightly on the back with the butt of his sword. It was almost as if he was playing a game with me.

I huffed in annoyance and tried again, again and again. I failed every time.

"My turn." Slayer said with what i could've sworn was a smile.

"Shit!" I cursed and I got ready.

In a matter of seconds my two swords were on opposite sides of the room and I was on my back. It all happened so fast I was kinda confused as to what actually happened.

I got to my feet and staggered backwards and fell on my ass again. This time Slayer helped me up.

"Thanks." I said and he nodded. Just then the alarm went off in the training room, signaling that a demon had been spotted.

"That us?" I asked and Slayer shook his head no.

"Me." He said and without another word he left. Leaving me alone in a dark room.

"Soo not cool." I huffed. I slowly walked into the main hallway after retrieving my swords. The alarms were had stopped so I went back to my room to shower and hopefully get some rest.

What i didn't count on was all the staff running to the front doors. I tried my best to conceal my curiosity and worry.

"Ignore, ignore, ignore. Screw it." I said. My curiosity got the best of me. I turned around and following the rest of the staff. I was at the very back of the crowd when we got outside. I saw Slayer and Dan at the very front, Slayer had his pulled up but I knew it was him. What surprised was the single teenager just standing there. He wore a black hoodie and blue jeans, his feet concealed by white shoes. His hair as white as the purest snow and his eyes pure black, His skin a pale white.

I made my way over to Trey and Mickey. They were to speechless to even notice me.

"who's the teen?" I asked nudging Trey. He looked like he so afraid.

"That....that's Atsaroth." Trey whispered.

"As in one of the top three demon lords?" I asked and he nodded. Ooooohhh, so that's why they are all freaking out. satan ruled hell over all but the three demon lord enforced his rule. So in terms of power and rank it was, Satan, Azazel, Abaddon then Astaroth. So excluding Satan, the big three are Azazel, Abaddon and Astaroth.

"For those who don't know me, I'm Astaroth!" The white haired boy announced. "I'm here to get a Alexia Moon." Astaroth boomed.

"Why do you want her?" Dan asked. Astaroth chuckled.

"Abaddon wants her daughter back. Simple as that." Astaroth replied.

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