Chapter 32 'Last concert'

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I ran after him,grabbing the back of his joggers as he wasnt wearing a t-shirt and pulled him backwards so I reached the door, pulling it open to reveal a sun-tanned Sherl.

"SHERL!" I yelled hugging her.

"LILY!" she shotued as we hugged

I smiled at her inviting her in.

"Still not feeling the need to wear clothes Haz, eh?" she asked as he hugged her saying hello.

Everyone greeted Sherl with a hug, apart from Zayn who was still sleeping.

"Come on, we have to so something to him! He cant be the only one sleeping when we all have to be awake." Louis moaned and evil glint in his eye.

"Whats your plan?" I asked smirking

"First, check his pockets to see if his phones there." Liam smiled getting involved

Eleanor cralwed onto the floor and slid Zayns blackberry out of his pocket.

We cheered as Harry grabbed his phone, texting who he wanted and hacking Zayns twitter.

"Next, lets check through his room." Niall grinned

We all got up, apart from Harry and Sherl who were busy on Zayns phone, and ran into Zayns room.

"I know what to do! He'll need to get changed wont he? So take away all of his underwear and replace it with girls pants!" Danielle grinned

"Great idea!" Louis yelled high fiving her.

I ran into the girls room and pulled out a pack of pants I bought but had never used and ran back into Zayns room to see Niall and Louis, arms full of boxers. I filled Zayns underwear drawer and the boys hid his boxers in ther room.

"Next thing?"  I asked

"Got to be his hair." Liam smiled

We nodded and went into the bathroom.

Louis ran in after us holding a tub on honey, grinning evily.

We were all laughing llike mad as he poured the honey into Zayns shampoo.

"Right that'll do him, poor guy." I said , clutching my stomach form laughing so hard.

"Lets all go out, but set up camera's so we can see his reaction." Liam smiled

We agreed and set up cameras around the hotel room.

I went into the room I was sharing with the girls and pulled my Ireland top off and replaced it with a oversized top with the converse logo on it then threw on white converse, grabbing a bag and heading out, joining eveyrone else as we headed out shopping.

I noticed Liam and Danielle had linked arms and Louis was making Eleanor laugh with his jokes.

Harry and Sherl were lost in a deep conversation and my fingers were intertwined with Nialls, I looked up to find him smiling down at me.

I looked down, blushing as Niall chuckled at me.

"Lets all go for a coffee." Harry suggested, we agreed mainly because we werent used to being up at this early hour for no reason. Well it was 11 now, but we had been up for a while....

We all piled into a Starbucks, getting coffee's to go.

"I need something to wear tonight." Eleanor, Danille and I sighed at the same time then smiled at each other.

"I've got things to wear, I'm organised." Sherl said smiling

I rolled my eyes at her, but linked arms with her as we skipped down the street with our coffees.

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