"Morning Joe."

"Morning Elsa!"

"Morning Carmen."

"Good morning dear."

I drank more of my coffee and went into the radio station. I signed in and went to the third floor. I walked to the studio where the others were waiting.

"There she is, Elsa. Welcome." My friend Toby said.

"Happy to be here." I replied smiling. "You should be. Since you'll be working live on radio R.E.D. FM for today and tomorrow!" my friend here, Astrid, said.

I chuckled. "You'll be awesome. Don't worry. You know how it works." Toby said and patted my back.

I nodded and leaned against the wall. "Attention everyone. There's a few new workers here at R.E.D. FM radio station." Bob said.

Astrid walked over to me. "After you do the radio thing you want to head to the apartments?" She asked. "Yeah, that sounds good." I replied.

"The new workers names are I think, Hiccup Haddock and Jackson Frost. But they'll start tomorrow." My jaw dropped.

"Wait, Jackson Frost? Like, Jackson Overland Frost?" I asked. "Uh yes, why?" Bob asked.

"I uh, just know that name." I said. He nodded and kept talking. Astrid nudged me. "Didn't you say your ex was Jack Frost and your friend was Hiccup Haddock?" She whispered.

"Yeah." I whispered back. "Hiccup is the one that likes dragons right?" She asked. "Yeah, like you." I replied.

She smirked and nudged me again. "Alright Elsa. The show will be yours for half an hour and after that there's a meeting and shift is over. Sounds good?" Toby asked.

I nodded and fixed my glasses. "Alright. Everyone clear out except for Elsa, Toby, me, Jane, and Astrid."

I put on my head phones and cracked my knuckles as I sat down in the chair. I touched the locket Jack gave me and let it go.

I rolled my neck making Toby chuckle.

Alright, here we go.


Alright everyone, that was the prologue for the second book of Trouble Maker {Jelsa} :D

If that sounded confusing, this is the prologue for this book Drama Queen {Jelsa} (^_^)

The first chapter will come out when I have time so remember that I'm busy a LOT.

So I got this plan for the beginning, yay.

Spread the word that I made a second book 👌😂💕

I love you guys!

And for the end of my author notes I'll put quotes from TM ok? Ok.

*thumbs up to you*

"...See you later?"

"...See you later."


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