15 reasons for flowers (onebluerose)

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Reviewer: onebluerose

Author: endolia

Cover: 8/10 

Nice cover! It is simple with the title and author's name clear and readable. Though I suggest working on or creating something more eye catching/interesting. There are readers who decide on whether to read a book or not based on the cover. The cover is already nice. Still, could be improved.

Description / Summary: 9/10 

The summary is good. It's interesting and it gives the gist of the story without spoiling anything. It stirs enough curiosity that one would love to read and find out what the book has to offer.

Chapter Review: 8/10 

I have read the story up to the last chapter.​ ​There are minor grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The format you used in the chapters was great. They were like one-shots but connected, if you know what I mean. Just that I have noticed that there was minimal information about the world the characters live in. Their families, other friends, activities they do, the school they go to, the kind of neighborhood they're in, other social interactions and relationships. Cecelia and Ruben are friends and classmates but where was Xerxes' place, the flower shop aside? And why was Ruben so hell-bent on getting the main characters together?

Chapter 1: 

The first sentence of the chapter and what came next does not sound like they should be written that way. You described the time then proceeded to present what the character was thinking/feeling. It shows little to no coherence. I suggest adding a bit more detail to the setting and what the character was doing right before the second paragraph or the main point of interaction between the characters. A simpler solution would be to reorder the paragraphs so they sound more coherent. There's also an error made in this sentence "Am you coming over, or am I dropping you off..."

Chapter 2: 

This chapter was light, funny and very entertaining. It showed more of the characters certain side/personality. Though I suggest avoiding the use of parentheses in your story. Maybe use commas or dashes instead? 

Main Characters: 8/10 

For someone who had not even dreamt of noticing a boy, Cecelia's reactions seemed like she had a crush on him and that Xerxes was now, fortunately, noticing her. I had hoped to read how the relationship/connection/feelings between the two aforementioned characters developed. The attraction between the two main characters seemed rushed and out of the blue. Ruben's character, I believe, was created more out of convenience rather than creating a full character with personality and significance. His part mainly revolved around the comedy and shipping the main characters. He was also mostly missing in action in the later chapters.

Activity of the Writer: 8/10 

The author sometimes replies to feedback/comments on the story.

Plot: 9/10 

How the story unfolded was a surprise to me. I thought it would be a cheesy story where one of the characters gives flowers to another for cringy, overromantacized reasons but no. Aside from the sudden attraction between two characters who doesn't even know each other's name at the beginning, I could say the plot was great. The transition from being strangers to being quite comfortable with one another was presented nicely. The growth of their relationship was shown very well. The conflict at the end was a bit unexpected but very much understandable.

Overall Advice: 

The story was great. It was light, funny and very entertaining. It did not fail to put a smile on my face as I was reading it. My only advice is that to edit the errors - grammar and spelling - you have made in there. Maybe add more to detail to the setting of the story and depth to some characters.

This is just my opinion. A single person's point of view. Please know that the things I pointed out are not flat out negativity but rooms for improvement. Also, please feel free to ask questions if you have any. Thank you for trusting me!

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